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I've been reading these boards for a while and they (you guys/girls) have been a HUGE help.

Just wanted to say thanks and introduce myself.


Uh, My Real Name is Jay.
Let me be the first to welcome you to the party that never stops! Welcome aboard!


Nice to have you along for the ride. There's so much knowledge here, just keep coming back for more. I know I do. Welcome.


Mark Evans

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Welcome to I feel that this is the best place on the net to learn, teach and have fun.

Big E

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Oh no!!!! Another Texan!!!! What is the DJ world coming to???

Finally, another lurker shows hinself...Welcome to the "Real World" of DJ friends, buddies, and neighbors...

(j/k about the Texas deal, since I am from OK)

dj henry

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Let me extend another warm welcome to

By the way, any relation to E.Dickson Aka Abstractalien also from Texas (Texhoma)?

Uncle Mike

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Welcome to a great place!

Thanks for saying hello and I'm sure you will enjoy this site even more now that you are officially an active member! :wink:
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