Need Business cards printed... need help

dj Vecchio

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Hey guys
I am in need of getting some cards printed up (4color)
with so many places online not sure who to use
do any of you have any suggestions?

thank you


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I've had some major problems using Vistaprint. I discovered and they admitted that they cannot reproduce "blue". So I got purple cards. My wife ordered cards for her fledgling photogrpahy business, and got white lines on the edge of the cards. They wasted time resources and material sending these cards, even though our draft showed no white line. They were kind enough to re send them afetr fixing it, but I see no quality control on their end prior to receiving a product on my end. I do not even think they look at them before they send them.


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Why not check with someone local? I'm sure they'd appreciate the business and you'd be supported another small business. That's what I do, even though it costs me a little more. I figure I spend so little, relatively, it's not a big deal for me.

Bobby D

I've used overnightprints. Regular shipping is slow. Yellow came out greenish yellow on first cards they printed. Low prices!


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Many local print shops also do digital, so low quantity runs with high quality prints are possible. Personally, I'd rather have the quality of a traditional ink press but you sure pay for it!


Uh, My Real Name is Jay. is my printer of choice. Excellent work. And reasonable rates.


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Vistaprint isn't bad for cookie-cutter and semi-cookie cutter stuff.

But if for your project you want a non-cookie cutter design (yours or theirs), and fine attention to design detail (complete with a person to speak with directly on the other side of the phone), then you want Cutting Edge Designs . Visit their website, their work speaks for itself. -Z-


I've always used local companies for my business cards up until this last batch ran out. I decided to try Vistaprint and the difference in quality is quite noticeable. My next batch of cards will be done through a local company again even though I'll end up paying more.

dj Vecchio

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Hey every 1 thank you for your input
i really appreciate it
i will look into the website that u mentioned and yes i too prefer the offset 4 color press
over a high end color printer

DJ Vecchio


Alexander, +1 to that.

Tried vistaprint - Cards were smaller than what I'm used to for business cards. Quality was good to very good, but the size made applying adhesive magnets to the back a nightmare (they were larger than the cards).

The nice thing was that vistaprint backed their guarantee 100% and refunded shipping+cost of the cards (and they did it quickly too). That's good customer service, despite my disappointment in the cards.

I'll go back to local I think next time.