My 3rd Event

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I just dj'ed my third event last night for a middle school. Here's some pics and the playlist. Would love your comments! Thanks.

10/15/04 6:35 PM With You/Jessica Simpson | In This Skin | 2003 |
10/15/04 6:39 PM Pop/*Nsync | | |
10/15/04 6:47 PM Where Is The Love?/Black Eyed Peas Featuring Justin Timberlake | Now 14 | 2003 |
10/15/04 6:51 PM Stacy's Mom/Fountains of Wayne | Welcome Interstate Managers | |
10/15/04 6:54 PM Naughty Girl (Remix)/Beyonce ft. lil Flip | dj envy-rnb volume 3 | 2004 |
10/15/04 6:58 PM Crazy in Love/Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z | | |
10/15/04 7:02 PM Get Low (Radio Edit)/Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz ft. Ying Yang Twins | Kings of Crunk | |
10/15/04 7:08 PM My Prerogative/Britney Spears | Greatest Hits: My Prerogative | |
10/15/04 7:15 PM Tipsy Clean/J-Kwon | | |
10/15/04 7:18 PM Yeah!/Usher Feat. Lil' Jon and Ludacris | Confessions | 2003 |
10/15/04 7:22 PM Just Loose It (Clean)/Eminem | Encore | 2004 |
10/15/04 7:26 PM Lose My Breath/Destiny's Child | | 2004 |
10/15/04 7:30 PM American Idiot/Green Day | | |
10/15/04 7:32 PM Vindicated/Dashboard Confessional | Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack | |
10/15/04 7:36 PM Tilt Ya Head Back/Nelly feat. Christina Aguilera | | |
10/15/04 7:39 PM (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty/KC & the Sunshine Band | Pure Disco, Vol. 2 | |
10/15/04 7:42 PM Diva Megamix: Reach Out I'll Be There/Hot Stuff/I Found Love [Now That]/Donna Summer / Gloria Gaynor / Love and Kisses | Pure Disco, Vol. 2 | |
10/15/04 7:45 PM Milkshake/Kelis | The Neptunes Present-Clones-AD | 2003 |
10/15/04 7:51 PM Burn/Usher | Confessions | |
10/15/04 7:55 PM Breathe, Stretch, Shake/Mase | Breathe Stretch Shake CDS | 2004 |
10/15/04 7:58 PM Naughty Girl (Remix)/Beyonce ft. lil Flip | dj envy-rnb volume 3 | 2004 |
10/15/04 8:01 PM Overprotected (DarkChild Remix)/Britney Spears | Overprotected CDS | 2002 |
10/15/04 8:04 PM My Band (Clean)/D12 ft. Eminem | | |
10/15/04 8:06 PM Beautiful/India Arie | Acoustic Soul | 2001 | ripped by Team RNS
10/15/04 8:07 PM 11 A Moment Like This (New Mix).m4p/Kelly Clarkson | | |
10/15/04 8:11 PM Don't Know Why/Norah Jones | First Sessions | 2001 |
10/15/04 8:11 PM Thriller (2003 Edit)/Michael Jackson | Number Ones | 2003 |
10/15/04 8:14 PM 04 La La.m4p/Ashlee Simpson | | |
10/15/04 8:18 PM Goodies/Ciara featuring Petey Pablo | Goodies - Single | 2004 |
10/15/04 8:21 PM My Prerogative/Britney Spears | Greatest Hits: My Prerogative | |
10/15/04 8:23 PM 18 Shake Ya Tailfeather.m4p/murphy lee, nelly, p. diddy | | |
10/15/04 8:28 PM Get Low (Radio Edit)/Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz ft. Ying Yang Twins | Kings of Crunk | |
10/15/04 8:32 PM There You'll Be/Faith Hill | Pearl Harbor | |
10/15/04 8:41 PM I Believe In a Thing Called Love/The Darkness | Permission to Land | 2003 |
10/15/04 8:41 PM This Love/Maroon 5 | Songs About Jane | 2002 |
10/15/04 8:45 PM I Believe In a Thing Called Love/The Darkness | Permission to Land | 2003 |
10/15/04 8:48 PM Another One Bites the Dust/Queen | | |
10/15/04 8:50 PM Hey Ya/Outkast | Speakerboxx/The Love Below | |
10/15/04 8:54 PM Wannabe/Spice Girls | | |
10/15/04 8:57 PM Mega Mix/Grease | | |
10/15/04 9:01 PM Freek-A-Leek-(Clean Version)/Petey Pablo |
10/15/04 9:05 PM My Immortal/Evanescence | Fallen | 2003 |
10/15/04 9:11 PM Heaven/DJ Sammy | | |
10/15/04 9:11 PM YMCA/Punk Covers | Punk Covers | |
10/15/04 9:14 PM In da Club/50 Cent | Get Rich or Die Tryin' | |
10/15/04 9:17 PM Baby Got Back/Sir Mix Alot | | |
10/15/04 9:21 PM Toxic/Britney Spears | In the Zone | |
10/15/04 9:24 PM Macarena/Los Del Rio | | |
10/15/04 9:28 PM Good Riddance ('clean')/Green Day | | |



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Like the set-up, only thing i can suggest is that instead up just letting the cable kinda dangle from the speaker the way it is, is to run it up one of the legs of the stand and then up the neck of it to your speaker, eather wrap it 2 or 3 times or get some black velcro straps and velcro it. Will look a lot better and will also take some of the stress off of the cable at the connector and stress of off the connect to the speaker itself. Now if for some reason your cable isn't taped down and some one trips over it, less chance of breaking something.


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They look like mpro's to me...the JBL logo is a dead giveaway and the horn design seems the same.

How many people? and any subs?
I would also agree to tape all of your cords to the poles or truss instead of having them dangle. Looks nice.

I only see 2 things with the playlist that I question. At 7:39 you played 2 70s song mixes. Were they requested, and what type of response did you get? Did the kids know the songs? I might of tried to stick with newer songs such as "Let's Get It Started", and make sure you get "The Cha Cha Slide" by Mr C. I also have had great luck with "Mickey" from Toni Basil. It is an 80s song. Lots of crowd singing and interaction. I have all of my playlists on my main computer at home, but here is one that I had from 3 weeks ago for a middle school dance. A couple of the songs I edited the intros down by removing the talking, or edited down questionable song sections.

Dirrty (Intro Edit) Christina Aguilera Feat Redman Bret Edit
Shake Ya Tailfeather (Bret Edit) Nelly Ft. Murphy Lee & P. Diddy Bret Edit
Stacy's Mom Fountain's Of Wayne Nu Music Traxx 121
Flap Ya Wings Nelly Nu Music Traxx 143
Eminem Just Lose It
My Perogative Britney Spears Nu Music Traxx 149
Goodies Ciara F Petey Pablo Nu Music Traxx 144
Dirt Off My Shoulder Jay Z. Nu Music Traxx 133
Mickey Toni Basil Only Dance 1980-1984
Barbie Girl Aqua Barbie Girl Single
Hey Ya Outkast The Love Below
1985 Bowling For Soup Nu Music Traxx 144
Baby Got Back [Bret Intro Edit] Sir Mix-A-Lot Bret Edit
Car Wash Christina Aguilera F Elliott, Missy Nu Music Traxx 147
Yeah [Clean Intro Edit] Usher F Ludacris & Lil' Jon Primecuts 548P 010904 Bret Edit
Redneck Woman Gretchen Wilson Nu Music Traxx 138
Nelly & Tim McGraw Over & Over (clean)
Cha Cha Slide (Jackson Remix) Dj Wizz Kid Wizz Kid Remixes 2002
Tipsy (Bret Intro Edit) J Kwon Bret Edit
Lean Back Terror Squad F Fat Joe F Remy Nu Music Traxx 144
You Shook Me All Night Long Ac-Dc Back In Black
I Love Rock N Roll Joan Jett Fit To Be Tied
Hey Mama Black Eyed Peas Nu Music Traxx 130
Get Low Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz Nu Music Traxx 120
Eminem Just Lose It
Move Ya Body [121] Nina Sky Ft. Jabba Nu Music Traxx 139
Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) Big & Rich Nu Music Traxx 143
Sk8Er Boi Avril Lavigne Prime Cuts 477P Prime Cuts 477P
Girls & Boys Good Charlotte Nu Music Traxx 118
Ocean Avenue Yellowcard Nu Music Traxx 132 Nu Music Traxx 132
Dip It Low Christina Milian Ft Shawnna Nu Music Traxx 141
Freek-A-Leek Petey Pablo Nu Music Traxx 134
Toxic Britney Spears Nu Music Traxx 131
Leave (Get Out) Jojo Nu Music Traxx 132 Nu Music Traxx 132


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It looks like you have a pretty nice setup.

Why did you play My Prerogative and Get Low twice. Did the students request them?


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Hey Brett,

I've been trying to buy that Jackson/Whiz Kid remix of the Cha Cha Slide for over a year now. I send numerous emails to the guy who makes them, and nothing. How can I buy that remix?
I do not know now. I had heard that he put out another CD, but I have not been able to reach him for about 4 months now. I do not think you can buy it anywhere but from him.


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Thanks for all your comments! Yes, the JBLs were Mpros. They worked out well and we had a sub but it for some reason wasn't working well so ended up not using it. There was still plenty of volume because the gym was smaller than normal. There weren't that many people I'd guess around 100. I'll make sure to clean up the speaker wires better next time.

Played Get Low and My Prerogative twice because a lot of people came late and wanted to hear it again. Lean Back was also requested a lot. The response to the disco was actually pretty positive. I was sort of surprised but it seemed like they knew the songs and danced to it more than some of the more modern ones. I would have played cha cha slide but kept getting requests for other songs and ran out of time. Also surprisingly, one of the most popular songs was the second to last, the Macarena.


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Also wanted to add a couple things...
10/15/04 8:06 PM Beautiful/India Arie | Acoustic Soul | 2001 |
10/15/04 8:07 PM 11 A Moment Like This (New Mix) /Kelly Clarkson | | |
10/15/04 8:11 PM Don't Know Why/Norah Jones | First Sessions | 2001 |

Those three songs were used for the homecoming court introductions and the homecoming dance. It was my first time with the intel scanners (Omega IIs) so I used them as a spotlight, it looked really nice.

Also, another requested song that people liked was "Waiting" by Greenday.

DeeJay Scottie

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Was this a Middle School dance??? You mentioned that it was, but you also mentioned homecoming. I can’t remember doing a homecoming when I was in Junior High.

If it was a Middle School dance, did you have any problems playing some of the more questionable songs??

10/15/04 6:54 PM Naughty Girl (Remix)/Beyonce ft. lil Flip
10/15/04 7:15 PM Tipsy Clean/J-Kwon
10/15/04 7:45 PM Milkshake/Kelis

Love to know if others are playing these without any problems... I know that the kids would love them, not too sure about the teachers, principles, and parents.



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Yup; Middle School Homecoming. The school does a high school homecoming and a middle school homecoming. Although the homecoming one is much less formal. I had no problems playing any of those songs. Milkshake may have been borderline but no one complained.


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Just found out i'm doing another gig for this school... 'winter wonderland' for the freshman... this time i'm bringing in a couple more speakers, more lights (got some brand new moving heads), and a projector system (purchased Wirecast...a great program). Whatever i did last time must have worked if they called me again! Thanks for all the comments, they're really appreciated...anything else you guys can think of?


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Looks good :)

A lot of older disco songs are great for kids this age, I have a lot of success with them in fact! Everyone knows these songs, regardless, because they aren't "brand new" nor are they in a genre that people choose not to listen to. They're also great dancing songs, a lot of the newer ones are difficult do dance to in comparison to these older classics :)
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