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Has anyone reviewed these? I'm really looking forward to hear from you guys. Bill,...Len anyone??? I would like to see pictures and videos, and last time I looked thay had no videos.

Bob Dietrich

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If Bill sends me 4 of them I'd gladly do a review! :twisted:

Bill, I think you have my shipping address in your files sir... :lol:


Hi Guys,

Your address isn't the important part... your credit card info is... :wink:

I've drop shipped nine of the MX 10's in the last week but have not yet seen one myself.

If you'd like to see the owners manual you can download the PDF file at

Wait till you see all it can do...


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I posted a few notes based on the LJ profile in the old prodj version but it's gone with the schwinn.

Here's what I remember.

The MX-10 has 12 colors. It is scrollable so the color wheel rotates 360 degrees continuous. Which means you can go from one color to another at the opposite side of the wheel much quicker.

On the intensity window there's a "pulse" control. I couldn't figure out what it does thru the offline visualizer, but it looked interesting.

There's 8 or 9 gobos, one of which appears to be a glass litho. Some are cooler than others. Some are similar to what you've seen before.

I imagine pan and tilt are similar to the rest of the MX- series. 16 bit so movement should be very smooth.

Gobos are indexable.

The only effect is a 3 facet prism. The prism rotates also. The 518 also has a 3 facet prism but doesn't rotate so that's a bonus.

About all I can remember/figure out just based on the profile.

I was originally told that there was no profile for it cuz it was the same as a Mac 250+ but apparently that's not the case.

BTW, to get the LJ profile you need to have LJ 2.5. As always, back up your old version before installing.


Hi Len,

The Pulse function works in two directions.

1 - The dimmer/shutter snaps shut and slowly opens
2 - The dimmer/shutter snaps open and slowly dims to black.

This function is speed controllable.
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