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I've been slowing getting back into the Mitzvah market and need some help. Since I do not listen to Top 40 music, I don't really know what gets teens moving at something like a Mitzvah.

A little background on me. I have been a mobile DJ for 18 years, and for the last 5 years or so my focus has been on Weddings and other adult parties. I have started to incorporate more games and now lights into my shows. I currently subscribe to Promo Only Mainstream Radio.

So my question is, can anyone recommend a few starter sets to get things moving. I am looking for ones that are geared more towards the teens and not the adults. I know that Cha Cha Slide and Cotton Eyed Joe have been great to get them started, then what?



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Even if I use a top 40 chart, that won't account for what songs make a good segue. Or does it really matter for that crowd. As a radio DJ I am always looking for that seamless transition between songs. Top 40 radio is so diverse these days, hip hop, rap, pop, bubble gum (do they still use that term?9


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I know what you are saying but, my suggestion is look at the BPM's and listen to the music and put it together. Not all sets will make these kids happy and you need to be able to read them and change quickly.


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Mitzvah are a little different than school dances. Here's my take on both.

For Mitzvahs I find that the kids ask for the NEW music, but usually just listen to it. And, they dance to the oldies that the adults dance to. 70's-

So, I recommend for Mitzvahs that you play a few Top 40 Hits and stick to
pleasing the adults who will dance and who pay the bill!

School dances are different. It's ONLY Kids, and you MUST have their
music. I love the responses I get when I don't have the song they want
(that doesn't happen anymore. More on that in a minute). What's the
matter with you DJ, you mean you don't have... What good are you...
They can be very cruel.

However, for the last 3+ years I have never been without a requested
song at a school event since I started using RPM. I understand that
regionally other services, like Promo Only, may be better for your
market. But here in California, RPM provides me with everything
I need. For less than $100.00 per month I have all the Rock, Rap,
Clean & Dirty, Top 40, Jazz, Latin, Country and Adult Contemporary
music I need!

As for what goes together, and not. You'll just have to spend some time
listening. Pay attention to the requests and do some more listening.
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