Multiple Computers or a Mp3/cd player???

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dj Vecchio

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hello every 1
i have a computer i use for gigs and it works great
but i really dont have a back up for it yet :( i know very bad idea
so i was debating on another computer or a new MP3 / dual CD player
seeing how i carry my cds with me just in case the computer fails
cannot seem to find a CD player that has a usb port do you know of any
or should i but a new computer for a back up
Looking for some opinions and wondering what you all do..



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I keep my 160Gb iPod plugged into ch 4 on my mixer. I've only had to use it once during a gig because my primary laptop lost its internal HD about 3 hrs into a gig. I immediately activated the iPod and had my backup in place and ready to go before the 2nd song finished on the iPod. That means I do carry a backup system however, I agree with you in that you should have something in place. Any one of the controllers from Numark or Denon that has an internal HD would be a better choice than you currently have. I went the multiple laptop route because I often spin music videos and slide shows ..... an mp3 controller/player can't do that.
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I run my iPad in on a spare channel on my DN6000. If anything happens to the computer I just press play and I'm good to go. I've also got my iPhone and iPod classic with me just incase. The Ipad being connected to the 3g network gives me a way to hop on the itunes store and download a song if a request comes up that I don't have without ever going out of fullscreen in traktor. Also I do dinner music off the iPad its to much of a pain in the @ss to do on traktor with the autoplay and the channel volumes going thru the roof.


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When you start mixing formats, you are creating more potential problems.. (keeping two completely different types of systems/formats identical in content can be a real pain sometimes)

My best recommendation, from years of personal experience, is to pick a format and setup and then simply duplicate it for a backup..

Scott Hanna

I have 2 identical laptops, but I don't plug them both in at the same time. Don't want them both fried. I use a denon 2500 and a pacemaker mp3 player plugged into alternate sources for instant music while I'd get my 2nd laptop going. It's never had to happen. I've one one crash, and that was before the show started.


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Ditto 2nd laptop. I keep an mp3 player and/or Kindle tablet plugged in for immediate playback. Keep the 2nd laptop library identical using Dropbox.

Carrying around CDs is just more stuff. Keep it simple for yourself.


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price for another decent computer is probably similar to a reliable dual-deck. might as well go for another computer and not have to worry about 2 different styles of setups since you'll be more comfortable using your computer setup in the first place.
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