MTV V.J. dies

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Mark Beecher

Hard to believe.. Sad. :cry:

J.J. Jackson says hello on MTV for the first time on August 1, 1981

"It's worse than a family member dying. It's hard to comprehend. None of us would have expected it." — former VJ Mark Goodman

J.J. Jackson, remembered as one of the first faces of MTV, died Wednesday night in Los Angeles of an apparent heart attack, according to friends and former business associates. He was 62.

John Allo

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He was the only VJ of that era who didn't annoy like fingernails on a chalk board.

He got his start in Boston on WBCN back when they were one of the great underground FM stations.

Chris Hollowell

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This has impacted me even more than hearing the news that Robert Palmer had passed away.

I can honestly say that I remember that very first night that Mtv went on the air in Mid-Central Indiana. I really did alot of my growing up with JJ Jackson, Nena Blackwood, Martha Quinn and Mark ???

A very unbelievable sad day in music. His style and personality are still very memorable. I can't recall anything that I didn't like about him.

I always hoped that we would be able to have some kind of an Mtv 80's reunion of sorts and maybe even kick off a new show of some kind with the original gang again.

Sorry to learn of his death. My prayers go out to his family and friends.


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Never woulda thought as cool as JJ was he was 62. I remember living in WV in 1981 and working at a bar in Parkersburg...the hours they spent trying to bring in MTV with that giant dish on the roof back then.

I was always in major lust with Martha Quinn (still am) but back in '81 they were actually MUSIC TELEVISION.

God bless you JJ **>


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Hey Kutz, "Goodman" was the last name you were trying to remember, and don't forget Alan Hunter!
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