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Approved for immediate release by Ryan Burger:

In the last few months, many issues have arisen with members posting about vendors and their performance. We have taken the conservative path in allowing these posts, simply because of the exposure, and the awkward stance that these posts can place us in with regards to our sponsors, who may also be the target of such complaints.

After much discussion with my moderator staff, we have arrived at a policy that we believe will allow members to post their complaints, and also allow us to alert our sponsors who may become the target of such complaints.

- members are to be allowed to post about their specific experience...ONLY on the GEAR BOARD.

The nature of the complaint cannot be a general blanket statement (XYZ Comnpany Sucks, ex.). the post needs to state the problem, relay their SPECIFIC experience with the product/service.

Generalized ripping and dissing and otherwise insulting language will not be allowed to stay. Posts need to be specific about what they need as a remedy and what steps have taken to work it out.

- If it involves a Mobile Beat sponsor, Moderator staff will make the sponsor aware of the posting ASAP so they can be given an official Mobile Beat chance to correct it.

- If it is a dealing between Mobile Beat members, then moderators need to be contacted to see if a resolution is possible.

- In the case of sales transactions advertised between Mobile Beat members such as used equipment sales, if a member sells something and then fails to deliver or ship it and will not respond to a mod once someone has made a complaint, then the seller will be suspended. If they still will not make good after that, they will be banned permanently.

- When a resolution is reached (it may not necessarily be a happy ending or desired outcome to the person who started the post), the person who started the post must go back into the thread and state such. If they do not, then the moderator can do it for them. Also, the thread will be locked after a resolution or conclusion is reached.

- If after review, Moderators feel that the post crosses over the ToS line, we still reserve the right to edit and/or move it as needed.

We encourage members to work directly with their vendors when they have problems, and resist the urge to preemptively strike with a posting here as it is usually not productive and places us in a liability situation if the vendor feels that his business has been adversely affected by the publication of the post.Mobile Beat
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