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Hey crew,

I got an interesting inquiry about having guests send pictures & video during a wedding reception to be projected on a large screen. Direct quote;

"...our ability to set up a screen and laptop so that it would give his guests the ability to use their smartphones to take pics/video while at the reception and have it simultaneously appear on the screen."

Any thoughts on making this happen?


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The only technology I know about would require multiple point and shoot cameras. There is a SD card company called eye-fi where you can set up an ad-hoc and when they take the picture, it automatically goes to file folder you point it to. i.e. the folder that your screen saver pulls from. At that point, you can just leave the computer alone and while people take pics, they post to the computer, then the projector. It's a pretty sweet setup. I'm hoping to put that in my promotional video I'm having done soon. (Hopefully). As far as the video, I don't think that's possible unless you have someone manning the computer to manipulate the process and show them manually. The only thing to be aware of is if you have no control over the camera's, you have no control over what is shown. (bathroom shots, bride maids fighting, grandpa thinking it's funny to give the bird).

I hope this helps...


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Technically very doable with MMS messages. However, as just posted, I would not put something like that live without previewing the images first. So, since you've got someone previewing the images, you can simply have a smartphone the people send the messages to, and then manually upload them to an account that then displays on the TV. Not too tough, really.


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I have done something like this before but not for a wedding.. what I did was have everyone text to my GOOGLE VOICE ACCOUNT and then I had someone preview the photos and then throw them into a montage that was running with a program on a PC with a projector. we had dual screens so they could preview on one monitor and show on the other and on the projector.. we basically used a VGA SPLITTER box (powered) to run a monitor and the projector...
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