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Alright guys, I'm looking for an unpowered mixer with a decent built in eq. I'm having trouble finding what I'm looking for. I want one that has at least 2 outputs because I have 2 amps I use for larger events. Generally I just run one amp but I want the option to hook it up to 2 for the rare events that demand hefty power. Would one of the secondary outputs work on any mixer besides the master outs such as one with a booth out?

I was checking some out. Numark has a really cool line and I was also checking out some of the mackies. I need at least 2 inputs, I'm all digital with 2 laptops. Then I'd also need at least 2 mic inputs (one wireless, one wired).

Thoughts and suggestions on a good mixer are welcomed guys.

Thanks in advance.


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Sean -

The problem here is that there is no such thing as a good mixer with a good EQ built in. Mixers with EQs built in should be regarded as somewhat suspect. At best you'll probably get a 5 or 7 band EQ with questionable filters. What is the purpose of the EQ? Are you actually using it to process your sound, or just color it a bit? If you really want to use an EQ, get a good parametric or at a minimum 31 band graphic.



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If you are looking for a DJ mixer, with great quality and sound, and a "noticeable" 3 band eq, check the Allen & Heath Xone series or Pioneer.


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I would recommend a decent mixer and an external rackmount EQ. I use a Rane MP44 and a dbx 231. Great sound and reliability on both counts.



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I have to go with what Ben says.
Great speakers, good amps, and good speaker placement are more crucial to great sound in most cases.
A quality mixer with just bass and treble controls can also help.

If you're really picky about EQing, then you should get an external EQ.

I currently use a American Audio Q-SD, which is very quiet, has bass, mid, and treble controls on all four channels, and has three sets of outputs, one of which has independent level control (booth or zone). There are other DJ mixers that are as good or slightly better.


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I'll have to agree that I've never seen a DJ mixer with an EQ that's worth much. Plan for an external EQ in your rack.

Also, a quality mixer WILL make a huge difference in your sound. I had the displeasure of working with another Behringer board last weekend. I was able to do an A/B comparison of that board versus an A&H ZED board (which is A&H's low end board) and the difference was dramatic. Most of your low end DJ boards are going to be on the low end of the quality scale. Spend the money once and do it right.


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higradeguy said:
The only Pioneer worth looking at is the DJM-800. You can also check into Rane.
What about the DJM-1000?

I have the djm-3000 and does a pretty good job too.


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DJsean102 said:
Alright guys, I'm looking for an unpowered mixer with a decent built in eq.
Depends on your definition of "decent built in eq".

You could mean that it has multiple bands.

Or, you could mean that the EQ is high quality.

The OP's message has details about inputs and outputs, but nothing about why he wants an EQ, or how he intends to use it.

My understanding has been that an EQ is used to balance your system, then fine tuned for a room. After it is set for the room, it does not get touched. Therefore, it is best a seperate device, not part of the mixer.

My Mackie 1402VLX-Pro has a three band EQ, and I am happy with that. I use it a little at times, to accent a song, or small compensation for a song, or a bit of compensation for a speaker's voice on a mic.

Beyond that, you don't want to be messing with EQ's during a show.

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Since everyone seems to be focusing on the EQ part of the equation, let me simply state one thing about the two outputs for two amplifiers.

Find a mixer that has a Zone Out. This would be a sperate signal with volume control, designed for when you run a second set of speakers where you want a seperate volume control.

My Pyle Pro mixer has this feature, but I know it's not the only one out there.

And since everyone else is talking about the EQ, yes my Pyle Pro has an EQ but I only use it to fine tune and make song by song adjustments. Like bumping down the bass when I play a track that already has too much bass in it already. My Behringer 31 band EQ is my main sound shaping tool.
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