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Sonic DJ

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I bought the book "Automatic Millionare" you recommended in another thread. Some truly life changing stuff in there. I wish I could be 15 again for 1 day. :shock:

A huge value @ $10, thank you.

Paul Compton

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Look at Rich dad poor dad as well....

The millionaire calculator mentioned above.

I am 30 (31 in September) and I should "be a millionaire" in 12 more years. Not to shabby I guess! Of course by then it will only be like having $100,000 now. Gas price projections anyone?

My Guess: $8.49gal

My plan is to retire at 60 and not a day later. I love what I do but I do not want to do it forever. Bob Barker is insane but is retiring a insanely rich man. My goal was to retire with 4.5 mil at 60. I have a ways to go in my biz plan to get me there but the financial planner says that I am still ok. 29 more years and a LOT of money to save.

Personally though I could care less. I know I will be able to eat and crap plus pay the bills and my house will be paid off so I don't care if I don't reach that goal or not. Come 60 I am done. Time to relax a bit more at that point. I just hope to be able to be on an island in a hammock instead of just my back yard in one.

Best....Now back to the Chaos!


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Glad you took the time to check into the book. That tells me you want to do theright things concerning money. You can do it!

When figuring how many years it will take to reach the 1 million level, I suggest working with a realistic 6% annual return. If you do better than that, then it will take you less years to get there.


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According to the calculator, I've got another 20 years or so to go before I make my first million.

Compton, I will second your opinion about the Rich Dad Poor Dad books. I'm currently up to the fifth book in the series.
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