Mics were clipping and distorted last night. Trying to understand.

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Chuck Amstone

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Well last night I had an indoor wedding using Rane MP44 and a pair if Shure SLX wireless systems with SM58 mics.

I noticed on my mixer that both mic channels were clipping when volumes were set at around the 10 or 11 O'clock. Anything under that and I didn't have enough. My master channel on my mixer was at 1/2.

I don't recall having this issue in the past. Not sure if the environment "room size" had anything to do with it.

I don't have system in my office so I can't tell you where the gains are set on my mixer or on the receivers.

So...where is a good start for settings on the input of the mic underneath the mixer? What about on the back of the Mic Receiver?

Trying to understand a way to get the most out these mics without distorting.

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My master channel on my mixer was at 1/2.
That was most likely your problem. If you had the master turned down because the music didn't need to be that loud then you were also limiting how much volume you could get from the mics. What you have to remember is that you can only put so much signal level through an individual input channel before it clips, then you have to go to the next level control downtream and turn that up to get more total signal level. If you find yourself in that situation again bring the master fader up while you bring the music channel down to retain the same output level, and then you should find that you can get more output from the mics before clipping the input channel or wireless receiver.


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On the Mics themselves, is there a DB boost button to enable addition of db?

If along with the reduction of the master(as previously mentioned), this could cause some severe distortion.

I fixed a problem like this last night prior to the ceremony start. The Lav (shure) had -10 and zero settings, zero enabled. It blew me out of the water at zero, with unity, and when I turned it to -10, worked perfectly.

Steve Lynch

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let me ask this. do they normally operate properly as you had them set? Did you try scanning for new / free channels?

I find that Shures without pilot frequencies, when operating on the same channel as another Shure mic will often still work, but work exactly as you described. Distorted.

Any chance someone else was using the same Freq's?
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