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Gee, I've been around since uh .... can't remember, I'm OLD, and I only have 63 points! In any case, Welcome aboard and post more often!

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Mine says member since 2004, but it actually goes back further than that... 1996, I think. Back when the site was just starting out with the two co-founders (Ryan & Glenn). Seems to me I purchased a new computer in '04 and couldn't figure out how to continue posts under my own name for whatever reason. That's when the LDJC was thriving and this site was THE place to be. Back then "The Old Goat" was simply Lou, and the Griffon still lived in Saskatchewan. I see there are some, but not many of the old faces still around, and note that too many old friends have passed. At any rate my points number is 38, but I don't know what that means.


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The points are for every time you suck up to Mark Evans, who is perhaps the best looking, most intelligent, and generous of you bozos.