MBLV - Two Things do Now!

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Good evening everyone!

Part of the MBLV experience is showing off who you are and making sure you are not stuck in the room, sick as a dog. Two things I recommend you do now:

- Take plenty of water, vitamin C, and get a flu shot. You will be amazed how this goes a long way towards warding off the climate change, jetlag, and sickness that usually accompanies a show.

- Order your company swag: Get those shirts, mugs, promotional items ordered NOW so you have them on time, especially if you are bringing new staff along.

This comes from my personal experience. Shirts ordered the week before the show never arrive on time, and I know the way to the clinic off of the strip almost better than my way around the Riv.

I would also recommend getting a couple of cases of bottled water and some energy snacks/protein to keep on hand, but that will be when you arrive in Vegas.

Counting down the hours... :)
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