MB Summer Tour 2013

Should the Mobile Beat Tour return in 2013?

  • Yes

    Votes: 24 85.7%
  • No

    Votes: 3 10.7%
  • What tour?

    Votes: 1 3.6%

  • Total voters
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After taking 2012 off after three years around the USA, should the MB Tour return in 2013?


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After taking 2012 off after three years around the USA, should the MB Tour return in 2013?

That all depends...will any of the scheduled speakers be banned form speaking at any of the Mobile Beat Tour stops if they have had any prior area speaking engagements in the (circa) 90 days prior to the tour stop?

Because if that's the case, I would have to boycott the Mobile Beat Tour stop then...just as I would the MBLV show...if that were the case...Yah mean? ;)


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It would be great if you could come to the greater Boston area, or Southern New Hampshire......Looking forward to it...Nancy from Coastal Music Services


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Wow-this poll so far has given us significant information to make this important decision.

So far, 5 votes and 1 insult. :rolleyes:


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If you and Ryan roll out, I will do all I can to make the SE stops the highest attended of the tour...

Steve Sharp

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My experiences with the Tour lead me to believe that a successful tour stop is really driven by the committment of a local, sponsoring group. Some tour stops were amazing, while others, sometimes the very next night, were disappointing, in terms of turnout.

Don Niles

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I think Mobile Beat should do it only if Mobile Beat can see a return on their investment monitarily or otherwise...The closest stop for me is Pittsburgh...I attended in 2009 however it is a 120 mile drive for me as well...Being that I am traveling to the ArmDJ Convention in June,I would most likely not make the trip for the Tour Stop as I pretty much allow myself one convention a year.

I well remember my early DJ years(Early to Mid 1990's) attending the Steel City DJ Expo in Pittsburgh where I discovered Mobile Beat for the first time and Mike B. was in attendance.


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Yes, you should put it back. Actually I think you should do a bigger tour. Hit one major city in a centralized area to different major markets. ie Place it in Cities where you could cover the majority of the country where people would need to travel 200 miles or less. Make each stop a 1 day 8 hour event. And stop the Vegas show. Bring 8 speakers (not audio speakers) seminar speakers. Each gets an hour. Charge $50/ea. I would think you would do better in overall atendance than the 3 day Vegas show. We have a local EPMEN show that does this format 6 speakers, 8 hours, corporate sponsors, 100+ in attendance. This gives you access to a whole new audiance that cannot attend MBLV.


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Yes, the summer tour or a winter tour would be great! Go to the cities you have visited in the past but set up shop on the opposite end of town.
For example Chicago, you've set up shop on the North Side a couple of times. How bout bringin' it to the south side!!


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Sure...I enjoy networking with peers...the speakers are worth it, too, if they're more "informative" than "infomercial." Just my honest two cents worth.


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So should I take that as a denial or a confirmation?
Steve, maybe you didn't see the smiley face.
Actually, it's neither a denial nor a confirmation.
The policy would not be set until the actual decision is made.
But I am heavily leaning towards seeking new blood....I understand part-time DJs who answer their phone as a landscaping service make the best presenters!**

**NOTE: I do not actually know of any part-time DJs who answer their phone as a landscaping service but I thought it sounded good.


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I would think that Mobile Beat would want to do the tour to enhance their brand, even if the regulars here are not highly interested. I had been a lurker on the forum for a while, and then went to the San Jose show. After that, I went to the MB Vegas show, and was more comfortable posting. I likely would not have done either of those things had I not attended the MB Tour stop.



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We had the local group support. We had the local ads going. We had phone teams making calls. We contacted 350 plus DJs. We got nearly 150 commitments from all participants in the wedding and entertainment businesses.


20 people showed (maybe it was 19) and there were 24 people on the committee. Half of them didn't show.

Egg on the face was the least of emotions those who worked so hard to prepare for the big event that turned into the calamity.

Never again will I recommend this area for anything universal to DJ world and my apologies again to Mike B. and Mobile Beat for letting the tour down.


I have the attended the two in the Phoenix area over the past few years and even though i was a little disappointed in the turn out by the local DJ population, I truly enjoyed them and I've attended the past 12 Vegas shows. Although I would agree with an earlier post that the speakers need to be more informative and less informercial. As I would like to see more of at the Vegas show, as it seems to me, that the trend over the past few years has been that the seminar speakers entice you with a little knowledge just to get you to buy whatever it is they are selling, where as the first few years I attended (my first show was the 1999 show) the seminars where more informative and less informercial. But I digress, sorry.
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