Maybe my LAST POST! LASER...Dedicated to Mitch@CSL

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Dj Skillz

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Lately I have not had the time nor the patients of Pro Dj anymore. It has changed so much since I cam here so long ago. I have made many friends, but many of them are no longer here, or are not here much. There are no longer the great threads of detailed talks and arguments on lights, the tips of the week. SO many new people, and not that that is a bad thing, I am just tired of the change I see.

Pro Dj helped me grow as a company and a person! I can never thank Bob, Nick, Mitch, Bill, Len, Drax, and others enough!

Am I gone forever? NO! I just will only be here ever now and then, and make a few post time to time.

So what is this about? I built a laser, and the page should tell you everything about it. I had a lot of fun making it, and am very happy with how it came out. This was an original idea by me, tell me what you think!

As said, I dedicate this laser to Mitch @ CSL for all his help now and over the past few years!

BTW, I am not getting out of the biz, or anything like that. I have slowed down my djing to almost a stop, but the lighting shows have picked way up! And I love it, expaned the light show, and looking to do it again very soon(moving heads next! :lol: :shock: )

So let me know what you think, I want to know!

Here is the link:

Enjoy, and the best to all after I do go(probably after the post on this thread die down...)


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Looks great, That scanner head is a great idea, now you just have to come up with a slick high tech looking decal for it and you'll be set.
What was the song playing in the video if I may ask?


Randy aka DJRed5

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Wow....saw the pix, watched the video, and I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the results you got. Fan-freakin-tastic!

Regarding the posting, I know how "real life distractions" can take away from your time here, I understand completely. And in the last 5 years that I've been a contributor to PRODJ, lots of good people have come and gone. Just remember that if you ever need something, this group is always here to support you. You know where we are!

Good luck, DJ Skillz! Hee hee, I remember when you first started posting here, because of your "dj name". When I saw that name I always thought of "him", not you. Now I associate you with the name more than I do with him. :D


Dj Skillz

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Randy, it was great here 4 and 5 years ago, the old look of the site, and how it ran oh so slow, I guess those were just the good old days! :wink:
I'm on dial-up so didn't watch the video, but it looks pretty cool from the pictures. Just to clarify, though, the laser scanner does all the work and you're just usind the mirror on the chauvet for static positioning, correct?

Bill- how fast of a connection are you on? The page timed out on me before it completely loaded, but right clicking the red X's and selecting "show picture" solved the problem.

Dj Skillz

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The Chauvet Scanner is just used for possitioning. THe Redline laser scanner makes all the effects, then projected on the mirror of the intel, and can be positioned via dmx.

DJ Sound FX

Rockin' Like a......

Looks great! How old are you again? I am very impressed and I wish you all the success in the world.

I too have been around for a while and have at times needed to step back and work on other things. I got married this year and have a baby on the way in December, so I can imagine I will have to step back a bit then as well.

You always know where to find a group of friends! PM and let me know how you are doing!

All the Best,

DJ Chris Lee

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Skillz, That is kewl as hell! Alright I am interested. I need more specifics though. How many amps does it pull? What about getting variances for that baby? I imagine you need one hey? :lol:

Dj Skillz

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Chris, you asked prolly the magic questions.

It pulls 3amps, 4 tops! It used next to nothing i.m.o.

If you wanted anything over the normal 4.9mw, yes you would need a variance for display to corwds. Home use, no problem, which at this piont is all this gets.

A lot of people run high power(over4.9mw) without the variance, but getting caught, you risk fines, loosing your laser, and even jail. All depends on your area, and their regualtions. Some are more lax than others....

PM me if you want more details then this, or if you are interested or anything.

DJ Chris Lee

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Skillz, I am going to be pm'ing you. I am definately interested. At the point my shows are about to be at here in the next 6 months, lazer's will be the next step if I decide to go any further. I know I have heard all you guys say that it isn't worth the trouble. I know from talking to Drax and others how true this is. But on the other hand I have the kind of attitude that says where there is a will, there is a way. So now what I need to do if find a way if one exists at all in my neck of the woods. Talk to you soon Skillz! :lol:

Dj Skillz

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Chris, with the attitude of "where theres a will theres a way" you know how I came up with this amazing laser in the first place, and it will give any Mobolaser/QBeam a run for it's money, and then some! And those small stinger/adj/whatever else tiny ones, foget it, they cant touch what this can do, and the next step from this is atleast 4k!


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Skillz since you are intrested in lasers, is a site you might enjoy.

Maybe look into creating your own laser scanners sometime, white lasers and color boxes, beam tables, amations are cool, the Pangolin software's makes programming easy. I have been intrested in lasers for quite sometime. You can get into basic amations with out spending the $$$ is a scanner that does amations for little money.



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Skills... I'm glad i checked back at this time otherwise i would have never known to say bye... As you prob noticed I havent been here for a while... and this is the first tile i posted in months. I must say I miss the Start.Prodj crew that spawned all of the intesting posts and debates. I miss the chats... i'll try to join one soon just to talk to all my old buddies.

Just to fill be in who has left since i was last a regular? I stopped posting right when... hmmmm... one of the first people that left, left.

Skills dude... the lazer kicks butt (edited... of course) i wish i had the $$$ to do that.

I've been a member about as long as you were, as of now... i think.

Oh well I guess this is farewell to a start.prodj member untill we meet again.


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The drive, creativity & determination you possess will most certainly lead you to great things in life. Your accomplishments at such a young age are quite astounding. Don't ever lose that fire!!!!

Thank you for the dedication. :D BTW- The laser looks phenominal!


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Awesome dood....

Totally mind blowing. The music track was also kewl. What was it?

Peace :D
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