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Ok, had to take some time off due to medical reasons, but am considering getting back into the Karaoke side of the business.

This is what I need information wise. I have been out long enough that I am not sure who has the best discs anymore. My library stops at Dec. 2007 so I will be interested in back catalog stuff as well.

Also, because I'm getting older, I want to lighten the load by going digital. Any advice here is greatly appreciated, as in what do I need to get audio to the board and video to multiple screens. Current laptop has Vista on it if that helps. Also what drive and program do I need to rip discs (CDG's) with.

Thanks in advance for all the help.


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Welcome back Frank. I use Virtual DJ for the software but others may chime in as to what they like better. As I always recommend download the trials then try them out. I ripped a lot with Audiograbber it's still free and did a great job. After you rip the music you can compress them into a zip file to help keep the files organized. Just did a search on youtube and here's a pretty good series you can watch


I agree with Mark on Virtual DJ as the program. It will take care of the DJing part, VJ part (if you do video), and the KJing part all with one program and not having to pay for each plug-in! When I started to get into Karaoke, I went and watched RudeDog's video on Youtube (the link in Mark's post) and it helped me!!!


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At the end of July Sound Choice will be selling anew series of unduplicated songs which may fit the bill. They are sets of songs already ripped for you, just copy them to your hard drive. I know someone is gonna say then what do you do with the music from the old set? You can hang onto it for backup should your computer fail in a show or sell it. I personally plan on getting the saffires and the emeralds.
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