Maximizing On-computer-screen Karaoke Video

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There must be a simple solution for this, but I can't seem to find it.

I was playing music at a function using VDJ using my macbook pro - and I always have a second one running just in case....

A gentleman came to me to consider singing a song (karaoke), so I pulled up a tune and slid it into one of the available decks so he listen to it and review the words. Being a karaoke song, a small video screen popped up so he could read the words (while I continue to play music out of deck 1). I decided to click the "maximize" button on the upper right of the video window - and we were then looking at full-screen words. Cool. I COULDN'T FIGURE OUT OUT TO MINIMIZE THE WINDOW! There were no buttons to click - a minimize button - nothing. I hit about every key on my keyboard, and couldn't figure it out.

Because I had my second lappy running VDJ at the time, music was uninterrupted. But I had to shut down my primary to get back control. NOW when ever I load a karaoke song into a deck, it automatically maximizes and "steals" my screen.

I feel stupid. How can I minimize this window??


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What I've been doing is put the cursor on the top left corner of the small video screen, then while holding the left mouse button, drag it upwards and left to the size you want it to be. When finished, reverse the process and drag it downwards and right to return it to its original size of something close to it. I'm running VDJ V7.4 Pro on an XP system.


Try the esc button like w youtube.
Happened to me once but dont remember the solution cuz i use compuhost. Also look at shortcut list in VDJ config . Might be a clue there.

VDJ has forums too:)


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with xp you can use alt and tab to switch between windows. You can also use windows key and tab to scroll thru windows on win7
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