Maurice Gibb's death closes a chapter in music history

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Patrick Smiley

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Like them or not, the Bee Gees have been a staple to our business for many years and have been one of my favorite groups since their first hit.

Maurice Gibb's passing in Florida this morning closes another chapter in the history of modern music that will not soon be forgotten. Many people will be thinking of him and his family today, myself among them.

May he rest in peace.

Rj Johnson

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It is a sad day, the Bee Gees have made a large contribution to the music industry. As has been mentioned love them or hate them facts are facts.
My thoughts are with his family.


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I am very saddened to hear about his death. I'm 43 and grew up in the 70's disco era where the Bee Gees were the Kings of Disco. Very saddened. Life is very fragile and you have to hang on and enjoy every precious moment there is. This is the second passing of the Gibb Brothers. Andy, who was the youngest brother but didn't perform in the Bee Gees, died of a drug overdose.

My condolences go out to their family.

John Allo

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As a long-haired rock and roller in the 70's, I thought the Bee Gees were the worst band in the world. They were the Anti-Kiss.

As I became a DJ, I appreciated more the quality of their work, especially the 70's songs that I despised as a teenager.

The Bee Gees had some incredible harmonies, best heard on their pre-disco songs. Listen to the complex workings in songs such as "Lonely Days" or "New York Mining Disaster" to hear them.

It's hard to believe that they were once derided as a "poor man's Beatles" with their attempts to write 3 minute pop songs laden with tight harmonies (like that's a bad thing!) and at the height of their popularity, they actually starred as 3/4 of Sgt. Pepper's band in what has to be one of the worst movies ever made. It really killed their momentum, as well as Peter Frampton's career, who played Billy Shears in that awful flick.

Anyway, the fact that he accomplished all he did and was only 53 when he died is amazing. Not too many 60's era stars are making it into their 60's, it seems.

"Staying Alive" is one of the guaranteed dance floor packers, as people of all ages like the song. My first girlfriend was a Bee Gees fanatic and we used to have some pretty bad fights over the radio back in the day.

Seriously, if you haven't heard the Bee Gees sing "Lonely Days" you should. It's not a dancing song, but it is a really good example of what these guys were all about pre-Fever.


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I had heard yesterday that he was in grave condition, his passiing is very sad. I imagine a lot of copies of SNF will be getting dusted off today.

May he Rest in Peace in the great disco in the sky.

Bryan Durio

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John Allo said it all. The Bee Gees were a lot more than the personification of Disco.

RIP Maurice. :cry:


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Yes... sad indeed. :(

Love them or hate them, the Brothers Gibb brought a mellow and compassionate sound to popular music in the 1970's.

The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack eventually became an embarassment to the Bee Gees. In a later interview, Maurice is said to have commented on the accusations that they had "ruined" popular music with disco by stating that the band had no idea that their songs would take the direction they did.

Like John Allo and many others of our age group, I didn't care for the disco sound either. I felt it was juvenile and misguided. The stacatto beat grated on my nerves. :D

Rest in peace, Maurice. Your talents are appreciated and will be for some time to come.

Just my thoughts.
It ain't over til the fat lady sings, and there are no fat ladies in The Bee Gees.

The Bee Gees will be back, at least for one album. Maybe not this year, but sometime.

If TLC can complete an album after one member dies, and if the Beatles and Elvis can have hits post humously....

And you can bet that when the final Bee Gees album is released, it will be their biggest selling ever. ;)

DJ Iron Mike

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I hadn't heard that he passed, but I did know he was not doing well. This is so sad because I have been a big fan of the Bee Gees since the Saturday Night Fever was in the theatres. I was all but 7 then, but remember it with a clarity. He was respectable in my opinion and I really liked him.

Mark Evans

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The Bee Gee's were around for 10 years before SNF and had some great ballads before. I was a bigger fan of the Bee Gees after the movie but before it I couldn't stand the music. After I saw SNF I started to go to teen discos. I was so into watching the DJ's I started hanging out and asking questions. Before long I was asked to fill in and I even got a job at the Rink because I was the only DJ that would play Disco. So I guess if it were not for them I would not be a DJ today.

Rest in peace my brother

Pat McDonald

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I don't think there was anything in ther career with the exception of Sgt. Pepper that they had anything to be embarrassed about.

I'm a 40+ year old that fondly remembers disco...for those of you too young to remember disco techs, lets just say it was a rare event to leave by yourself. Disco was hot and it was where all the ladies were hangin out.

I appreciate all kinds of music, but the kind that gets people moving is my favorite.


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I was a teenager during the height of the disco days. When I turned 18, going to the Disco Club 2001 was a hot thing. It was modeled after Studio 54. Big flashy lights, disco balls, a lighted dance floor. I remember leisure suits that were made famous by John Travolta and Stack shoes were the in thing along with thick gold necklaces. I also remember and had the shirts with the real large collar that flared out.

Dancing wasn't a problem with the ladies. Music back then was a fun time. It actually had a dance beat and you could understand the lyrics, unlike some of today's modern rock and rap crap. Point is, the Bee Gees were hot back then and the music they made wasn't even classified as Disco. It was fun upbeat dance music. As they said, the 60's were all about love and peace and flower power and there wasn't much dancing going on so they decided to write music that was about having fun. In fact, they wrote all the songs to Saturday Night Fever before they were even presented with the Movie idea. They were working on a new album with 4 tracks completed. They didn't even know who John Travolta was until they had a Wrap Party and met him there.

The Bee Gees are one of the best vocal bands around who actually wrote and sang their own music. They even wrote for other artists such as Whitney Houston and Kenny Rogers.


Ah, the Bee Gees and Disco were simutaniously and forever threaded together with Saturday Night Fever.
Disco was around a little before the flick with Studio 54 (Mainly a Gay/Lesbian Club) A Danceable format that had people moving.
If it wasn't for the disco movement, many of us wouldn't be where we are at today. As Mark put it, he hung out and learned. A Roller Rink DJ was just below a Radio DJ back then. There weren't mobiles, mobile beat, DJTimes or's. There were bands, lots of them. Bands got pi**ed at disco because they seen what would and did happen.
Lost my virginity to a Bee Gees Song (Fanny was on the radio).
I wore out the 45 "How can you mend a broken heart", New York Mining Disaster, Massachusetts, and many others. Nights on Broadway precursored the disco smashes. Spirits having flown, was released at the end of the disco era (had the hit Tragedy).
Here at last was a great album to have, yes, even in 77. Had the album, eight track and now the CD.
Thank God for the Bee Gees, John Travolta and the SNF soundtrack. It gave many of us a great position to be in back in the late 70's. Until that point, there weren't too many DJ's doing weddings, you had to have a band. Now, it is quite different.
Thank you


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I never thought of it in those terms until Kerry's post (above)

Somebody may have said it in a previous post---but I guess it didn't sink in until I read the last message......

"I wouldn't have a job if it wasn't for these Bozos" (j/k)

Seriously: requests have already been boomin' for "Stayin' Alive" and "You Should Be Dancing" at the Crazy Horse in Nevada City.

Looks like its time to dust off "Night Fever" and "Jive Talkin'"
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