Local DJ Associations, worth it?

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If I may offer...

Two organizations worth looking at are NACE and ISES.

They put you in the same room with those you work events with and give you networking and education opportunities.

I am partial to ISES (I am on the local board) and prefer these groups to local DJ associations.

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Associations are very worth it. You get out what you put in locally. Nationally we provide education, benefits & programs you cannot get elsewhere. If a person used just two of the unique benefits we provide, they have recovered everything they spent in dues. Most ADJA members use between 3-7 benefits putting money back into their pockets. The ADJA co-sponsors an incredible national education conference for only $49 a pass. The show is open to everyone. Name any other group doing more for the industry for less. Most of what we provide, you cannot get on a forum or facebook for free.

That's your opinion, but far from fact. It had a very large membership under ADJA. What killed the group in Dallas was very simple. Jealousy, cliques, Apathy, & laziness. Some DJs became jealous of their colleagues that were more successful. Some became good friends with one another & unknowingly became perceived as cliques, then many, many DJs were lazy & apathetical. They were happy to complain about the meetings, rarely attended, the topics presented, but wouldn't serve on the local board to improve it. They would criticize the work of others but other nothing themselves. At some point good leaders stop trying because they get tired of working so hard to receive so little thanks. I could name many, many leaders from your chapter that have shared the same experiences with me. DFW will begin to make a resurgence in 2014. it might not start off or grow as fast as it did last time but it will return.

NACE & ISES are not always good decisions. Yes they are great networking opportunities, but often have little content to help the DJ to build their business. You can join them, but if by the end of the year if they are not actively referring you business, then you need to evaluate it.
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