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Ken Heath

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So, I'm in Burbank getting all set to do the sound for a wedding ceremony, they spec'd out two wireless lavalier mics... so I brought my two Line6 XD-v30's with the belt packs and lav units. At the last minute, (actually the last 30 minutes), they ask me about providing a handheld for two readings and a blessing... WHAAAAT???

I'm 56 miles from home, so the solution better be right there under my nose...AND it was!!!

I had one lav on ch1 (Minister) and the other on ch4 (Groom)... I grabbed the handheld from one of my XD-v70's mounted in the reception system, and set it to ch3... when I needed the hh, I simply switched the base unit from ch4 to ch3, and then back again to finish the ceremony! It worked seamlessly!!!

Line6 all the way, Baby!!!



You can do that with any frequency agile system.
Some ... but not all. With most systems other things besides frequency have to match up ... pilot tones, compander schemes, etc. So generally I wouldn't expect a problem within a series from a manufacturer, but from series to series it could be a problem.

All Line 6 2.4GHz systems work with each other including guitar packs to wireless mics and wireless mics to guitar receivers.


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While I do like my Line6, I must say that it isn't the "end all be all" of works but without posting a review I like my Audio Technica units I purchased from Bill a few years back... much more for range and reliability from experience...but good call Ken and fast move.
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