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For the last two weeks we have had the LED Video Wall out at events. Last week we provided the video wall for a DJ Booth at a Bridal Show. A photo is shown below. At the same show we also provided sound for the band at the show. (DB Technologies Line Array and Midas Pro 1 Digital Console).

This past weekend we had the LED Video Wall out for a Bat Mitzvah. It was an incredible event. 400 guests. No money was spared for this event. They even had a girl on a trapeze flying over the guests during the cocktail hour. Two bowling lanes, Laser Tag, loads of arcade and video games, multiple photo booths and more.

I believe it was 180 kids out of the 400 guests. There was a MC, DJ and 8 Party Motivators. I don't know if any of you have ever heard of "Silent DJ". Part way thru the evening all the kids were given wireless headphones and the music was only played thru the headphones and not thru the speakers. Pretty cool hearing the kids sing the lyrics to the songs in the headphones.

We were just booked to provide the LED Video Wall. For this event we set up a 16' x 9' video wall. We flew the video wall from fly points using our chain hoists. We also provided two live cameras. Setup was done by our crew on Friday and the event was Saturday.

We are not a rental company. We are a full service company. When we book the LED Video Wall for an event we provide the crew for setup and strike as well as a Video Tech to run the console at the event. We can also do any video editing for the clients montage, logos, etc. The LED Video Wall works great for any type of event where the client wants a larger screen. The beauty of the video wall is that it can be setup in various screen sizes.

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