Lady Gaga disrespecting the National Anthem

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Say what you want about me, this isn't a Gay Issue, Lady Gaga is one ignorant person butchering our National Anthem, Another Sad Day in America!!! Isn't anything sacred anymore. Many soldiers fought and died for that American Flag which she just took the liberty to change the word for, Listen to the end of this song closely, the Anthem is about our American Flag not the LBGT Flag and we are the Home of the BRAVE not the "HOME of the GAYS!!!" These are not my words they are lady gaga's.

Ken Heath

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Great voice, especially for an a cappella version. I wish I had this track with the original lyric.

Now, on to business...

Her lyric changes were appropriate to her audience, and (if we're being completely honest), in keeping with the intent of the song. Remembering that people have died and been killed over being LGBT; persecuted, prosecuted and murdered for being LGBT.

She performed the song out of respect and with respect, she was not being sarcastic or disrespectful in her tone, manner or attitude.

This post may surprise many of you who know I'm a Marine Vet and very proud of my Flag and my Country; but I'm also the Daddy of a wonderful lesbian daughter, Rhiannon, and I'm very proud of her for having the courage to live life as she sees it, (evidently she got her Daddy's b@lls...LOL).
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