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So, I really am not a complainer (per se) but thought this was a good place to get another Pet Peeve off my chest...

Special event industry insiders AND outsiders (meaning "clients") using the term

"Dismiss or dismissing Tables" as a way of describing the action of asking guests to remain seated until they have been invited to enjoy the buffet.

Really - why is such a negative phrase anywhere near our business of happy and fun parties?

Ok - I'll stop now


My pet peeves are probably simpel and old fashioned:

Use the turn signals, they have not been an option as ordered new since the 1940's

Please put your cell phones away in church, God sent me a text in the middle of the week and asured me he would not call or text me in church on Sunday :)

If you are huge, then please don't shop in the fashion section that has low middrift jeans or ab showing shirts

Never and I mean never show man toes in public, and if you are a lady, please make sure you don't have man toes when you wear sandles in public :(

Ray J.


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If that is the only thing you have to complain about....consider yourself LUCKY!
But you are correct, so I usually "invite" tables up to the buffet.


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Mine is people parking in handicap spaces who do not need it.

Also the use of "alot" in place of the term "a lot"

One more, the many different types of horrible messes in public restrooms. I never had an accident like that in all of my life. If I did have one I would clean it up.
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