I've seen it all now!!!

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I did a Tuesday night wedding last night. The father of the bride did not want his daughter to marry the groom at all because, according to him, the groom and his family are nothing but a bunch of "dirtbags". He went on to say that the groom has been with his daughter for over 2 years and he is lazy and mooches off of her. He doesn't work and just sits home playing video games and watches TV.

Needless to say, the wedding went on anyway.

I watched as the guests arrived for the ceremony as the bride's family and friends sat on one side and the groom's the other. I noticed a few women from the groom's side were wearing a low cut dress with spaghetti straps. I couldn't help but notice two young women who had very large tattoos in two different places.

One woman had a pitch black skull and crossbones with swords from just below her neck, spead from the nip of one breast to the other, and farther down than the cut of her dress. This was the largest and most unusual tattoo I have ever seen on anyone!!!

The other woman had a very large heart centered in the middle of her back with ivy vines all around it with lightning bolts through the heart. I didn't notice any names in the heart, but it was huge!!!

The night before, I did their rehearsal dinner. The best man, the groom's brother, had tattoos from his knuckles all the way up his arms and on his neck. Last night, he was dressed in a tux and came up to talk to me after the ceremony was over. He was asking about my equipment and knew some of the stuff I was using. He went on to say he's in some alternative rock band that's on tour and he flew in for a few days for his brother's funeral, er, wedding. His band has a few videos out on MTV during the late night, but for the life of me, I can't remember the group's name.

Then this guy's girlfriend comes up and gives me a CD she wants played that's dedicated to the bride and groom. It was an accoustic slow song from the groom's group, which was very nicely done by the way. She's wearing black lipstick and black outlined clothes with black tattoos on her leg and back, almost cult- like.

:evil: :twisted: :!: :idea: :roll:

What a wierd night!!

Ken Heath

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The titles of your two most recent threads make an amusing addition to this mornings topics...they kinda work together to form a preconceived notion prior to reading each one...Bravo, Sir!



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Just a little bit of news from my end of the world for the morning cup of coffee. Life is good!!


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I've seen it all.....

Have you ever experienced this one.....
One of my DJs did a wedding last summer which was an interracial wedding (very rare around here) in which the bride was a local white girl and the groom was from Cameroon. Wait up, this is not the point. The groom's father wanted the mic after the toasts for his 2 cents worth- he proceeded to chastise his son for 15 minutes for marrying outside his race- Wait, there's more- when it came to supper, there was a little bit of chicken, but mostly goat or, ummm ummmm, dog.
My DJ did the best she could given the circumstances but had many more problems with the groom's aunts because they didn't want any American music and would only be happy with CDs that they brought up- and not one or 2 tracks but the WHOLE CD from end to end!
I've had some tough crowds in the past and I'll admit that I'm glad I didn't get stuck at this one myself, but I'd be really interested in hearing your worst DJ stories.
P.S. I've got more stories of my own in case you're intersted...


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Lemme get this straight....
You dj'ed a TUESDAY wedding?

That, perhaps, is the most shocking element of your whole post.

Where do you live? Tell me quick, I'm moving in next door tomorrow.


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I live in Pensacola, FL. The bride wanted the wedding on her birthday, which was Tuesday, June 13th.

I also did a Thursday wedding on 6/15. That bride wanted to get married in June, but couldn't find a reception facility on any Saturday or Sunday in June, so she settled for Thursday night.

I have a Thursday afternoon wedding scheduled in early August too. Weekday weddings don't happen too often, but I do get frequent corporate events during the week.


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Very cool for you Ron. I too get the corporate event on occasion, but have never experienced a mid-week wedding. Alas, I AM in Kalamazoo... :lol:


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This year, a Thursday wedding on June 29 and a Monday wedding on August 7

Last year three weddings on week days, not week nights but week days. One was for a bride that teaches French. I got a copy of a group she wanted. Used the same disc last Saturday for a French bride getting married in the hills above Boulder. And this wedding I was privileged to meet composer Patrick Dumont. Love this business.

Now about those tatts. Did a wedding several years ago for a B & G who owned their own tattoo shop in Washington D.C. The only people in the place without tatts were their parents, the facility staff, Scott, and I. Felt very out of place. I'm going to hazard a guess that dad's real objection to the groom is that he is "not our kind" what with the tatts and all.

Fortunately, we have never had a parent(s) make such vocal objections during the ceremony or reception. They have had to good sense to not put a damper on the occasion.
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