It's Time To Hang Up The Headphones!


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I have finally come to the decision that it's time to "Hang Up my Headphones." The number of gigs that I've performed over the past two years has been reduced to 25. Since moving from my home state of MD to a "55+ retirement" community here in FL, the demand for high powered sound, fancy intelligent lighting and music videos has diminished immensely. That coupled with numerous surrounding communities unwilling to part with what we as DJs consider a "livable wage" and having a lack of desire due to growing other interests, I've come to the conclusion that at the age of 72, it's time.

I will still DJ at some local functions within my community and I'll remain active for some benefit functions such as 'The Wounded Warrior Project","The Hospice of Marion County" and a few others. However I am removing myself from the newlywed market and any gigs involving the under 50 crowd. I can remain as your gear mod if my presence is still wanted however I must warn you, I've fallen somewhat behind in keeping up with all the latest and greatest gear BUT my 30+ yrs experience may be helpful to some. Thanks to everyone here at Mobile Beat; may your continued careers be ever more fruitful and above all please stay healthy.

Nick Burke (aka DJ Nicky-B)
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I feel your pain as well as your relief. Certainly glad you didn't say never again. Walking completely away from who you are can be hazardous to your [mental] health.

Passing the Gear Baton to another might also be in your best interest. Retirement and buying more toys can be hazardous to your [financial] health.

Thank you for all you've done for me.


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Enjoy the Golden Years Nicky. Stay healthy!

Now you'll have more time to search for Aliens. And when you find them, let us know :)


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Congratulations on a brilliant career and the thanks of many thousands of DJ's who've read your posts on gear. For me, stay as long as you like, I think you always have something good to add.


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I applaud your years of hard work,
and commend you for knowing when it is "time to go". Cap said, it may be tough to get COMPLETELY out of the business....



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Good for you Nicky!
As you know I've hung up my headphones as well and there's not 1 day since that I've regreted it. Miss it? Sometimes. But, for me it was time.
You've put together an incredible body of work & you can leave with your head held high and with the warm regard & esteem of so many of your peers.
We're not on this earth forever. There comes a time when we all need to "re-prioritize" what we want to do while we're here. while we can.
For me, I'm doing what I love to do. Sounds like you have similar plans. Please continue to pop in here and say hello.

Best, -Z-

C A P !
Love the new pic dude. Was in Aruba this past week & thought of you. Got into this impromptu conversation with a steel drummer I've seen & spoken with over the years. He had recently upgraded to a BOSE L2 for his restaraunt gigs. He has paired it with a B2. While volume was not at all the mission. the sound was just incredible. I was circa 25 to 35 yards away from where he was playing yet the bass was so pleasantly distinguishable. Had to share it with you. -Z-
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Hi, Nicky.
Just wanted to say thanks for all the support and wisdom you've provided to the forum.
I've been following it since 2009, and have learned a ton.

By the way, did you use a pea souper dry ice fogger?
I've got one that I'm refurbishing, and was wondering how much dry ice you ordered/used, and whether you used the solid or cubed dry ice...

Anyway, best wishes!


Mark Evans

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Thank you Nicky for all the years of advice and your dedication to our industry. Like Bill said stay as long as you like. Years of expertise will over come new tech fun toys. :hp1: Dilly Dilly!


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Hi Nicky!

Come for the advice, stay for the friendships!!

You are a treasure, and you deserve me time in the next stage of your (non) career!

I hope you still check in on us from time-to-time...

Thank you for all that you have done and all you will do!!



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I'll always be lurking around. I will still be DJ'ing but not near as much as I used too. Next gigs are scheduled for
2/15, 3/3 and 3/10. I do have a bunch of very good gear going up for sale but I'm trying to prioritize it right now.
It's tough reading these 'senior' crowds sometimes as to what they really want and what they'll tolerate financially.
My GOLF game is getting a lot better though ...... handicap is currently at 8.
Just checked in......
Nicky I want to thank you for your wisdom & generosity.
Please enjoy this next phase of your journey!
I will miss you......


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Larry62 -
Yes I still own my UltraTec Dry-Icer. I've found through experience that the pellets give the best results when compared to the blocks. I always purchased the pellets in 10 lb bags and it normally took 20 lbs to do a decent presentation over the course of a 4 hr gig.

As stated before, I'll always be "lurking" and am always available for advice either here or via email at


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Nicky......I don't know you as well as most people, but I've found your comments and experiences insightful. Enjoy the rest of your life!!!



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Not fully retired yet .... still got a gig or two left for these seniors down here in Florida but also giving back to worthy causes like Hospice, Wounded Warriors, American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society.