It's Scammer Day In Atlanta.

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Steve Lynch

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I've received 3 calls today from the same damn Florida based company promising me thousands of fiercely loyal new customers if I advertise in their Country club directory. I fell for this years ago, and it was the biggest waste of money I ever spent. I bought into their line. "The residents of these country clubs ONLY HIRE FROM THE DIRECTORY... And If you're not listed, you won't even be considered.... This directory is like the bible to these very exclusive communities...." ........rrrrrriiiiighht!

In fact, I learned from one of the country clubs that these guys do in fact drop off a stack of the directories, and they are promptly thrown into the dumpster.

If anyone else out there is even considering giving these con artists money, Don't!

I work all the country clubs anyway, and I've been told point blank that these guys have ABSOLUTELY NO AFFILIATION with the country clubs they claim to be in with.

Just a P.S.A. Big waste of money!

Folks in other states, Beware, they are coming for you!!!!!!!!!!!

Make sure to give them an earful before slamming the phone in their ear!

They very obviously just go down the google results, as they called me for Atlanta Photo Booth, Extreme Event Design, and Extreme Entertainment.... lol
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yeah, I get these calls a lot.

You can stump them real easy, I did.

Why would I pay for a listing with you, when this facility already has my business card, and refers me business all the time?

I've not gotten a decent "scripted" reply to that;)

I've also used the line "isn't that a violation of the Sherman antitrust act?"
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Yeah, they always have just one slot open for you too! Or they have no DJs and you would be exclusive in the directory.

Hmmmm....maybe the ADJA should implement some of there tactics.


DJ Jonny T

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Me: "Who do I call at the country club to discuss your publication?"
Them: "Well they don't know about it."


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I blow their minds with the following line. They have no script for it....

"Oh yes, I trade services with their (whatever name of) committee for advertising in the club newsletter. Will you/are you also barter(ing) advertising since it is for their directory?"

It throws them off of their game and turns them into stammering idiots, and I just won!

The one that pops up and says they will barter, then I will work with them.

Steve, it is a giant scam!!! Up your scammer meter when discussing them, please.


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I've been called from them before too. Always told them absolutely not and to remove me from their call list. I've been called by an out of state number for getting an ad on the local high school football calendar. I asked if they knew the coach of the one team or where the school was, and they told me no. Click. Done.

These scammers may do some google searches to find the local high schools and golf clubs and then search DJ's in that area. They are there to do one thing, take money out of your pocket and put it in theirs.


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It's an inevitable cost of being in the public eye, with websites, phone numbers and social media accounts.

I think handling it straightforwardly would be the path of least resistance. I do like to have some fun with them though;)

Steve Lynch

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Lol, after all the crap I gave them yesterday, they called me again today....

Persistent boogers!

I should see if they'll answer all of my DJ Intelligence inquiries..


Checking Reality
It always works out great for me when I do it. ;)

JK! They call me a lot. I have listed numbers in 4 area codes + a toll free. Imagine the amount of this crap I deal with. At least 6 dud phone calls a day.

Sometimes I just say "I really can't help you, I'm gonna hang up now, call back if you need a DJ, please have a nice day." You never know... that "employee" might be at a local call center and remember my politeness when the need for a DJ arises later down the road.

Earl From CloudNine

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I am never impolite with these calls. After all, in many cases these are relatively young people working in a call center for minimum wages. They don't need abuse, but they get it all the time. Please remember, these are fellow human beings on the other end of that phone line.

On the other hand, IF they are surly or abusive, you have every right to tell them to pound salt. Otherwise, I simply tell them that I'm not interested.... to please have my name & number placed on their "do not call" list... and have a great day.

Kevin Nichols

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I got an email from the Knot about how happy she was to meet me at a place I wasn't at! LOL She picked up my card. She said all these people in Macon are on the Knot. I'm going to call her and find out who.

I love to be the instigator. LOL
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