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I am doing a teens birthday party tonight and the said they want island music as a last minute request. Does anyone have suggestions on what songs that would go good with 13 yr olds.

- Brandon


Jimmy Buffet
Bob Marley

There is alot of Carribean & Latin Music but I bet the above is what they are looking for. need to get more specific about what they mean by 'island music' since we produce several different types of indiginous music...from Reggae/Dancehall/Dub...which goes from Bob Marley to Beres Hammond to Elephant Man and Sean Paul.

We also produce lots of calypso within which are several sub-genres such as soca...ragga soca and people like the above mentioned Kevin Little and Rupee who do a hybrid R n B/soca. need to find out what they's kinda like me asking you to recommend some American music :wink: ...get more specific and them we can talk :D


Hello Brandon,

If by "Island Music" you mean -> Caribbean, then checkout this site, it comes in from Toronto. Has all the new, old, and classic Soca, Reggae and Kompa(Hatian) music, with all the sub-variations, as mentioned above:

Also, as you go further into the site you can listen to full tracks in most cases, not just samples of the songs:

E.g., I heard #7 from this list, is on in the hot-list for Soca lovers, and many others on this site.

(Toronto, Canada, is just winning-down from their yearly summer Caribbean Festival, which took place over the past couple weeks. The action is now coming States side to Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Brooklyn - New York, Long Island - New York, etc. Lots of music, lots of shows, DJs in arenas/parks - huge dance halls - on 16/18 wheeler trucks with large array of speakers producing amazing guts-wrenching sounds. If you are into this type of music and are really good with the mixing, especially, you can make some decent "bread", but need the right connections, as usual.)

Hope the site search helps.

Good luck with the party.

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