Initalize Driver For Hdmi

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I just got a new gaming laptop for use with vdj so I can have a stonger graphics card.
the problem is when I want to use the hdmi for video & audio the pither comes in but no sound
on the program vdj its say no sound card nivida not initialize. works in window 7 but not in windows 10
vdj help line didn't have a answer, Microsoft store no answer. It works with windows player & utube
just not vdj 8.2 updated all drivers graphics & sound.
msi Apache
window 10
12gig ram
6 gig grapics card nivida 1060


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First step is to go to Device Manager, uninstall the driver, and let DM redetect the driver.

I would also see about any BIOS and firmware updates.

You may also want to start the PC first, then plug in your HDMI and let the PC detect it, then start VDJ and see if it finds it.

Also, do you have more info about the PC?


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In your start menu, programs, look for NVidia set up. Step through all your tabs to get familiar with NVidia configurations., one of which will be to assign HDMI to your NVidia external screen.

Next, go to the speaker icon in your task bar (lower right). Open up the input/output/mixer tabs and make sure your output audio is selected (other than default).

Next, in VDJ, make sure you have selected and activated the proper video and audio sources

Basically, search and learn how to configure your audio.
what i found is I had to initialize in sound And most important the record mic to make it work, sound weird but after a few trays with vdj chat one guy at vdj had the answer
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