I really AM a lame DJ!

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So, I was at the storage facility packing up for my reception on the 25th, when I realized that I had misplaced the ramp I use to get my 135 lb. subs into the Durango.
I was only using one sub for this reception, so I decided to just muscle it in.
Everything was fine that night. But when I woke up Sunday the morning I thought someone had beat the small of my back with a track shoe full of buckshot.
I moved like an octogenarian for the rest of the week. It really made my Wednesday and Thursday gigs interesting. By Saturday, it was much better. Woke up a bit stiff this morning, but nothing like the past week. Thank God for Advil. I will NEVER do that again. Stupid, stupid STUPID.

Steve Lynch

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Doesn't getting old suck? The damnedest thing can put you on the d/l. I was throwing my 3 year old kids around at the pool a couple weeks ago, and woke up the next day feeling like a mule kicked me in my chest. I could hardly wipe my own behind for 2 days..

My wife just laughed at me and called me a wuss. They have no compassion.

Ken Heath

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BP - It ain't easy bein' me... not everyone is prepared to man-handle subs into trucks! I recommend that just about everyone get assistance whenever possible! Leave the solo heavy work to us professional furniture movers...LOL.

Glad you're feeling better!


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I hear ya, Steve. Thanks to all of my stuff being stolen, I've had to buy new everything. And the one thing I've made sure of is that everything is smaller, lighter and on casters. Like Howlin' Wolf used to say, "The rubber on the wheel beats hell out of the rubber on the heel."
Ken, when your truck breaks down, do you just strap a tow cable around your waist and jog it the rest of the way, too? :))


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Brian, I feel for you I really do.

As someone who's gotten older(55 now) and started old(40 then)I do have some advice. I've taken to consuming 4-6 500 mg tablets of acetiminophen prior to retiring after an evening of DJing. no matter how stiff and sore, or what amount of abuse I've subjected myself to, I always feel good the next morning with relatively pain free movement. I've also found that remaining well hydrated really knocks down the stiff and sore feelings, particularly after sweating out a 135 sub move as you did.

As we get older, we need to work smarter because your sheer physical abilties are not the same as when we were younger.

The problem isn't that we don't have all or most of those powers still there to summon when we need them...we do.

But the recovery phase is what reallly blows. takes twice as long to do that.

Good luck, and make a checklist so you don't forget anything. The mind is the first thing that goes, then your back;)


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B-to-the Crying, been there, done that (x2 actually) & got the tee-shirt stankin' of Ben Gay! As I read your post my lower back has been acting up too...and I am hard pressed to figure out why...until I read Lynch's post. I spent most of Saturday throwing my 2 1/2 year old, 36lb kid around in the pool. Makes sense now. And YES, it does suck getting older Steve. Where'd I put the Motrin?

I put my 95LB QSC KW-181 sub in my truck by myself, but I am hyper-focused on technique when I do it. So far, never been a problem. -Z-
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I can speak from experience ..... as you get older, it doesn't get any better. First its the lower back, then the shoulders, then the knees and eventually the mind. I am quickly discovering that the aging process is nature's cruelest joke and I'm only 66.

Jason Cathcart

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You don't have to even be that old... okay maybe I'm kidding myself and 31 is older than I feel...

Last winter I slipped on ice while unloading a K-sub from the van. I steadied myself and didn't fall or even drop anything. Finished the gig feeling fine, packed up, went home. The next morning I couldn't even get out of bed. It took almost a week to get back to feeling normal.


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Oh man, there's nothing worse than an inner groin pull. It's like when you sneeze and pull a muscle in your neck...except...down there. I actually felt that one while reading it, Jason. Ouch!


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Be careful taking drug advice from a DJ. Acetaminophen can kill you. Regularly taking large doses can be fatal.
But it is a good idea to take some pain relievers after an event.

Also I found that working out during the week, makes the weekend a LOT easier.


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Nowhere in my post did I tell anyone to take acetiminophen. I did state that that was what I was doing. Perhaps if you actually read something before deciding to pounce would be a great improvement.

where does the irony end? You tank me for giving advice to do something when I didn't, and you give the same advice?

"Be careful taking drug advice from a DJ. Acetaminophen can kill you. Regularly taking large doses can be fatal.
But it is a good idea to take some pain relievers after an event. "

Perhaps following your own advice is a great idea.


A photographer I shared an office with for a couple years told me that he went out to the club partying every Friday and Saturday through his 20s. His "secret hangover prevention formula" was to take 2 Tylenol (which is pretty much acietominiphen, and yes, I probably butchered that spelling) before going out, 2 Tylenol before he went to sleep, and 2 when he woke up the next morning.

He quit drinking at 40 (he wasn't an alcoholic but decided he had little reason to continue drinking at that age) but when he hit 50, he started having liver problems and his doc said the Tylenol did more damage to him than his former drinking.


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Aleve works good for me. I'll take 2 or 4 depending on the level of pain. The real working man's pain killer is Excedrin... it is aspirin, acetaminophen, and caffeine. Be careful if you're not use to caffeine because it will make you zoom. Though it might not be the best thing for back pain, and can cause liver damage if used a lot... I call it the working man's pain killer because it takes the pain away, and it's got caffeine that keeps you working. Excedrin for headaches, Aleve for body pain.

Ice is good for back pain that is recurring. Ice Ice Baby. Just my honest experience. Ever see the athletes taking the ice baths?

I use a wedge technique to lift which involves wedging my knees into the side of my sub to get it close to my chest before rising up with my legs. Also a carefully planned, and controlled lift is better than a quick jerk.

Good luck to all of you power lifters.
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