I need to rent a generator

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Chuck Amstone

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Need one next weekend. I'm running 2 QSC k12, Rane Mixer, Laptop and wireless mic.

I have no idea what wattage etc...I'll need.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Ken Heath

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The Honda Eu2000i is an amazing little generator, the key element is an "inverted sine wave" output... this makes it more stable and cleaner for running delicate equipment.

I have personally used one of these to run my entire console , a B-52 Matrix-1000 and a B-52 Matrix-2000 at full volume for over four hours!


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Chuck -

Honda EU2K or 3K ..... I have both and the 2K runs my entire portable setup outdoors for hours ..... 2 EV SXA-360 powered speakers, my full console (Laptop, powered ext HDD, two wireless EV RE-2 mics, and controller plus my Blizzard Weather System LED light T-bar). Not only that but its really quiet and can be a mere 10 ft. away but I'd recommend 25ft.
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