I just realized something that really sucks about getting back into djing.....

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Uh, My Real Name is Jay.
What is it you wonder?

All the sites that my old website is listed, has my old phone number, old website url, old email address......

And I don't have those anymore. I got a new phone number through Google, can't seem to get my old domain name back (it was hosted with Yahoo, and its a pain trying to get things done with them), and my old email address is no longer good.

So now I have to readd my listings on those websites again.

Even on Yellowpage sites, the info is no good.

This is going to be a pain in my ascot I tell ya.

I sure did mess things up for myself.... think its going to be more pain in the butt to get restarted, than it was when I first started. Starting to have second thoughts.


And someone told me to check out a competitiors website to look at thier pricing. Its a fairly new company out of Monitcello, when I saw what they were charging for school dances, I was like, "Welp, can't compete with that". 100.00 to 150.00 for school dances. and thats not per hour. (sighs some more)
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This is one place you may want to spend a little money and hire a web placement/SEO expert.

One of the items a good one one should be able to do is help get rid of that, but also, make sure your new stuff explodes all over the web searches.

If you want to be found correctly, this may take an expert to make it happen.


I would also revisit some of your old places you had DJed reception halls, VFW's, schools and bars. Seeing where you are from it looks like you had to travel a lot to events. I am originally from Peru IN. Don't give up, if you really enjoyed it and you are good it should no take much time for the word to get around that you are back.
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