I Have To Give Him A Shout...


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Cap Capello is Da Man!

For years, I have seen the Bose compact stuff for sale, and became uber-impressed when the power went out at a venue and he saved the day using one Bose compact and a battery pack.

He had a sale that made owning Bose L1 compacts this past summer that made it cheaper to buy them than it did to add to my stock of JBL with another set of their speakers, something I had budgeted a while back in my sound plan for the business.

It was not until this weekend I finally had the opportunity to use them for an event (I had outdoor events up to that point and want to use them for my indoor formal events exclusively). This was for a wedding of 70 people at an event in a tent in the Concord/China Grove area of North Carolina. Being far out of home base, I had the trusty Eon G2s and the new Bose.

I used the Eons for the ceremony and the Bose for the reception, and for the rehearsal dinner/open mic night the night before.

In short, they ROCKED!

Not only did they rock, but I have never had so many compliments on equipment as I had on speakers that weekend for both nights. The live sound and DJ capabilities are fantastic!

Next chance I get, there will be a discussion about whether to go bigger in the L1 series, or purchase two additional L1 compacts to build enough Bose sound for up to 500 people within and indoor setting for weddings and other formal events.

The sound was incredible, and my setup looked sleeker.

I have photos and video somewhere and will post at some point.


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Yep ..... Cap is da'man for BOSE. I love the BOSE Compacts as well BUT, I'm quite satisfied with my current small system and just can't justify changing now. Its just too late in my DJ career.


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The L1 Model 2 with the B2 bass modules are the L1 Compacts on steroids. LOL. 4 times the power, bass response, and dispersion. After 12 years with these line arrays, the customer compliments continue.

This past Saturday, I had a 150 person reception in a huge barn. It was a destination event of folks from NYC. They even used local school buses as shuttles to and from local hotels. The kicker? Local noise abatement regulations limited my audio levels to a strict 87db at 50'. The dispersion and clarity allowed my to stay +/-3db within limits and not ONE complaint; zero; zilch; nada. New York City millennials, totally crap faced, and NO complaints about bass or volume.

That's why I use the system. Not because I love it but because the audiences do. I love audio complaint free events.

Thanks for the shout out, Bill Goode.