How many of these albums did you have?

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Mark Evans

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Mark you are so right about the 'Pure Power" ad. Nothing says power rock like England Dan & John Ford Coley... The scariest part of those commercials is that I am old enough to remember them:)


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Oh, But how I do miss them. I didn't realize it then, but they got 36 songs on a disc by trimming the cuts down. Got a bunch in storage, maybe someday they will have some value for collectors.


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I had about six of them in those albums but, remember many more of them . I could remember waiting up to two months to get the album. Now you can download album with in seconds....



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Alas! I was not smart enough to wait until K-Tel came out with their albums. I bought these songs on 45's with my hard earned baby sitting money.

Jason Cathcart

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I watched an interesting documentary on K-Tel a few months back. Kind of a rags to riches to rags and now maybe possibly back to riches story. They're still around in one form or another, actually I think I saw a new Mini-Pops ad recently too.
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