How many hours each week?

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At least 4 hours a day, answering emails, following up on leads, etc... More if client meetings are scheduled.

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that's a hard question,, because I get a lot of ideas from the chat boards. Does that count?

I'm full time and have my phone on ready to pick up about 10 hours a day, does that count?

Does the time only talking count or the time waiting for the call?

Do you count driving to the event and the event itself? Or just being in the office?

What about time "thinking" about the gig? If I am watching TV I'm still thinking about my gig tomorrow, or the next day. Does that count?

When I wake up in the middle of the night remembering I was having "THAT" dream about not being able to find a song before the other song ends. Does that time count?

When I golf, I have custom made shoes that say "Chuck The DJ" on them, I'm a walking stroking putting billboard. Does that time count?

When I go out to eat, I always leave a business card on the table. Marketing. Does that time count?

Just wondering... ;)
Great question - tough question.

For me it is and has always been an all consuming labour of love. I work on my business, in one form or another, 7 days a week - 365 days a year. Many would probably say that this is not healthy. The key is to appropriately balance the important things in life - family, health, friends & business.

Truth is . . . this sort of dedication is (and should be) no different than any other business one is building from the ground up. If you were opening a restaurant, it would be the same way. If you bought a franchise, it would be the same way. It is THE FAMILY BUSINESS and requires sacrifice and an overabundance of hours day in and day out to be successful.

The DJ profession is one of the toughest occupations in the world to succeed in. It therefore takes more dedication and occupies more time than most. From the moment I wake up until the time I go to sleep - the DJ business is on my mind. So too is my family.

So in answer to your question "How many hours each week" - the answer is EXCESSIVELY more than a regular job - a number CONSISTANT with other business owners building a business from the ground up and the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of hours that are not spent with my family. :)

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When I wake up in the middle of the night remembering I was having "THAT" dream about not being able to find a song before the other song ends. Does that time count?"

Thanks Chuck, I wasn't having that dream anymore.

If I was to do all of my daily work in one sitting, I would say 6 hours a day almost 7 days a week.

I tend to spread the work load across 16 hours; an hour here, 30 minutes there and sometimes even 5 hours at one time. Somewhat less during our insanely short golf season.

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Well since I opened my new office, yes I got an office last week, I have been there from noon until 2am working not counting gig nights of course. I figure I was working at least 60 hours last week. Prior to that I figured 20 hours plus gigs and travel per week. If all goes to plan my increased effort and dedication will triple my business within the year, but I'll settle for double. Gotta aim high if you want to get anywhere these days. :)
Great question.


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Almost all of them, in some way shape or form. It's been my life's passion.

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At least six hours, seven days a vacations are spent at NAMM and MBLV.

Much like Patrick I spend some days visiting and revisiting various activities in between other duties, while at other times I spend a large block of time.
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