How do you keep the kids from bumping into your laptop at the dance.

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I always play CD's at schools dances because I am afraid that the kids will bump into or mess with my laptop setup. You know how kids are, very hands on and they want to look at and touch everything. What are some ideas for a laptop setup that keeps it out of reach of the kids.


I built my facade (three breakaway pieces of solid wood - no spandex) to keep them at bay. They still come around to my side to ask for requests, but they're good kids, so I meet them about halfway, listen to their request, joke/badger them a bit if it's a terrible song, but they've come to respect my setup.


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So, I also use CDs instead of laptop at middle school parties. (Which I actually only do one school - 4 or 5 dances a year for a break from weddings! ha ha) If you watch this little video from our facebook page, you will even see that I set up right with the little darlings! A couple of years ago, I decided to set up at the side below the stage, so the kids could talk to me and make requests AND so the stage would be free for special things during the dance. (Dance contests, or volunteers to lead line dances ... etc...)

I really don't have trouble with them at all, but, I do feel safer with the CDs. :)


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"Please step back, thank you."

It may be their dance, but it's your gear.

Once in a while, a brave soul asks if they can just "look through my songs". A polite "No" usually works. One time, while I was talking to a guest taking a request, someone actually walked right up to my laptop and starting touching. It did not end well. For them.

Like Jason and Steve said, having a facade helps separate your working area from their dancing area.


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I always play CD's at schools dances because I am afraid that the kids will bump into or mess with my laptop setup. .

I really don't have trouble with them at all, but, I do feel safer with the CDs.

not hacking on anyone, i just find that weird from my point of view. :)

when I used to do school dances I remember being ecstatic when I bought my first laptop, as I didnt have to worry about the little buggers touching my cd's all the time ..
thinking about it.. I lost track at how many times I would be packing up and missing a CD, and thinking "those little buggers stole it!!", ... then two shows later.. "oh.. theres that CD I was missing!" LOL


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Once in a while, a brave soul asks if they can just "look through my songs".

Back in another lifetime:) when I used to do school dances I had a printed copy of the popular songs available for anybody that wanted to see it. If I was gonna do the same thing today I think I'd publish the list on my website and then you simply need to direct people to it so they can scan through it on their smart phones. Brainstorm.. you could even put in an app where they could vote for requests on your website and you can then play them live, fun for the kids and it drives traffic to your website which raises it's status on Google.
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So here's another twist on this concept... I have my Macbook on an Odyssey glide rack. From time to time, people will be dancing very close to my console right in front of it, and I always think that they will accidentally bump into it and knock my Macbook off of the rack. I do have the luxury of being able to pull the glide rack back towards me as well, but then it kind of covers up too much of my MC6000 mixer. How many of you do the Velcro strip on the bottom of your laptop and/or the rack? Or do any of you use a strap or anything to make sure the laptop doesn't get accidentally knocked off? I am open to any thoughts on the subject. Thanks.

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Most times, the kids are just curious what you're doing. As long as it's innocent, I don't mind kids watching. I might even engage them and spin the platter on my CDJ2000 (the one not playing, though).

If there's jerks, they know it and I'll call them out. But mostly, I think they are just interested in what I'm doing.


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I use a Velcro strap to secure the laptop and cooler to my stand, but I do have some space between the dance floor and my rig, I place the rack case/laptop stand at my edge of the table, then my facade, and 2 COLORstrips out front. So far, no accidents, knocking on the fake wood of my desk...


If it is at a school, I barricade myself with cafeteria tables around me and a clip board on the table for requests. Many just want to shout requests and not dance. Those that do dance usually run back before the song is over to request another song again. I don't see how they think this is fun. :/

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I bring a stage, and I bring my Big 70" LED TV DJ booth.

Nothing will ever get tipped over, or even move if it's bumped.


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Request list on a clipboard, strategically placed at the corner of a table, away from the gear usually does it.

I'm proud to be called weird along side Jodi.:) I use both Cd's too and a laptop as well. I feel a little safer using CD's because the CD is inside a player, and not out where someone can get to it.

And I place the Cd binder away from where the kids can get to it.

But, for those of us that are paranoid, directingthe flow of traffic back out to the dance floor can involve the use of mardi gras beads tossed out into the dance floor area, an assistant to go out and give away glow products....and usually that works welll to restrict direct contact with your stuff;)


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Spotlight a table away from your table that says "Requests that might get played are made here!" When they come up to you point to the spotlighted table and announce such on the mic a few times if you are getting overwhelmed in the DJ area.


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Similar to bar shows, use a facade built for protection and cosmetics as opposed to one simply for cosmetics...IOW, strong. LOL!
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