HOw big is 20,000 sq ft?

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Can someone put that footage in perspective? How big is a typical high school gymnasium in square feet? THee's a corporate event and they're expecting 1000 people. Funny thing is she said the DJ last year had only two speakers and it wasn't enough. I was thinking "Well..yeah, not for 1000 people!". I asked her the footage when she told me how many people to expect.

While I'm here, I might as well ask if four 15" Yamahas and a powered sub might do the trick or would I need even more sound than that?

It's going to be a mix of speaking and music.

I'm thinking I need more info, like the layout of the venue and seating as well.

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The large double wide high school gyms are about 11,000 square feet, so taht should give you an idea.

It is tough to say if 4 Yamaha's will be enough as so much will depend on the design of the room.

What is the facility....rec centre, barn, ballroom?


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I think knowing the age of the guests would help. A get together forAARP will require less sound than for a group of 20 somethings.

The speakers you mentioned might work if you can get them up a bit (stage or risers), but you need more bottom end. I wouldn't touch the job with less than 2 subs and I use Cewin Vegas. You will need proper power to drive the speakers.

I have worked several venues the size you mention.


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Just finished an Outdoor Event Memorial Day -- Fooball Field -- Expected crowd 2-3000 -- I set up

3 x 15's on each side of the stage, 12's on top of the 15's closest to the stage and subs under the 15's closest to the stage. Outer 15's were on Stands.

This was 'Band Support' -- but I had enough Headroom to handle this and much more. After the Band got finished, Retired General Tommy Franks spoke -

Wind was blowing about 15mph -

I didn't take a picture of the entire set-up -- but here's the main stage.



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I don't know how much wattage you are pushing, but I have four JBL Mpro215 speakers and a QSC PLX 3402 that will cover that kind of area, and then some.

Just last week, I had a high school event on their football practice field with 500 people, and was asked to turn it DOWN. :shock:

If yo are worried four cabs may not be enough, it might be worth adding two more and another amp.


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If you were closer, I'd have my bro-in-law do it. He'd probably bring out 8 - 12 VRX932 on stands and 6 - 10 T36/750, but then he would rather move a lot of equipment than push it to the limit.


Background music between speaches or dance music? There is a huge difference.

4 tops can handle speach and background music.


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For that size event you may want to consider a delay stack. You can put a couple of 15-horn in the back of the room delayed so the perceived location the sound is coming from is the front.


Delay stacks would never go at the back of the room but rather halfway down the room. They would be delayed to reinforce the original sound waves as they passed by.


[/quote]Background music between speaches or dance music? There is a huge difference.

4 tops can handle speach and background music.[/quote]

I am with Bill on this one.

If it is background music and voice, you want it evenly distrubuted and not blasting everyone out in the front of the room. 2 speakers in front 2 -4 in the back or sides of the room depending on the spread of your speakers.

I recently did a gig for a home builders org. it was around 1100 people. In the front of the room, I used 2 Mackie SA1521 with a 60 spread. In the back 2 corners I used 2 RCF 322a. With a 90% spread, running wireless, this made a great choice for me. People in the back could hear the 2 hours of speaches and the people in the front did not get blasted out so the people in the back could hear.

For the background music, I kept the back speakers just about off( zone 2 on my mixer) If I was doing louder full blown music, I would have needed subs and a delay but, for what they needed it for ( just to hear the people speaking) it worked out perfectly. I was also told this was the 1st time in 15 years they were doing this that everyone could hear what was going on without the "harshness" of being in the 1st 5 rows. I did not have to say a word, they did all of the taking they needed and I played contemp. pop music for the background. I even got a 100$ tip!

Bill's statement is right on the $ especially if you have a wider spread on the speakers.

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It also comes down to if the client is willing to pay for "extra" equipment. If you have the gear and don't have to rent, that's cool... but if you have to rent.....

also don't get into something you don't really know,,, and I don't mean this in a bad way, but setting up delays and all that require a certain amout of knowlege and if you don't do it right will just make it worse.

I would think the four tops would be okay, but you do need more bottom, unless you are doing, as said, an AARP convention,,, but some of those AARPers know how to party to, right Joe? LOL ;)
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