Hooking Up a Sub to a Rane MP2 Mixer

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Mackie strongly recommends NOT using those little black distortion inducing boxes called sonic enhancers...
Is this anywhere in writing? I must have missed that. If it IS in writing, is their recommendation based upon what they think sounds best . . . or do they feel that the sonic maximizer can actually do harm to their equipment?

If it's the latter . . . I will heed their warning and recommendation. If it is based upon their perception of sound . . . I will keep what I have because it sounds GREAT!!!

Bob Dietrich

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I can't find any Mackie manuals, I believe they're all in my trailer storage...at any rate, I'm sure it was in the early manuals for the 450/1801 and I think it was in the Fussion manuals too. It wasn't that they didn't like the way they sounded, it was in the way it adds garbage to the signal and can introduce some weird phase anomolies.

I would recommend trying a good equalizer rather than a sound "enhancer" device. I've never found ANY of those devices that makes anything other than extremely poor sounding speakers sound better, much less "GREAT!!!" LOL!!

A good equalizer does so much more if used properly. A dbx Driverack is in a different millenium compared to a BBE.

I will say this...a BBE CAN make a system sound better when at very low volumes, cocktail/diner etc... It acts much like a loudness contour on a receiver, artificially boosting the lows and highs that can be beneficial at low volume. Anything above that and you should switch it out of the system...NOT the bypass, but completely out of the system.

With an active speaker system all the componants are matched perfectly...with proprietary equalization, time alignment, compression etc...how in the world can a single box "fix" time alignment when there's none needed? Or how can it determine what's right for each different speaker? It can't...and it doesn't.

As for the low contour...it's nothing more than a fairly narrow band bass boost centered on 50Hz.

I know quite a few pro SR guys...and NONE of them recommend BBE...yet their systems sound awesome!


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I run my sub(s) fro a Rane Mp2 simply by plugging the subs diectly into the back of the mixer. I run the tops by plugging them directly into the back of the mixer as well.

The subs seem to be controlled by the actual line volume knob. It seems to work fine.

Been doing this for years.


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For me, personally, I stopped using BBE products about a decade ago because I could tell a difference in how hot my amplifiers would get. (My Carver PM-1.5 would emit a whistle when it started overheating - and it only overheated when hooked to a BBE.)

If it is working for you, may your good fortune hold.


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All those sound synthesizers (BBE, Aphex etc.) all attempt to do one thing ... add something that isn't there in the first place. Those are pretty much used to cover up deficiencies in low-to-mid end systems.

The reasons that JBL, Mackie and EV DO NOT recommend them is because those cabinets like the SRM-450, EV SXA-360's and EON G2's have the processors built-into their internal circuitry. Adding another outboard unit to do the same thing is not a good thing.

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