Home Office Design


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We are redoing the home offices for my wife and myself. The living room has become my wife's office, and I still have an upstairs room to run World HQ.

I'm looking for a few things:

- Aesthetics: It needs to look nice. Even though my wife will have a desk, I'm going to have a bistro table for meeting with clients.

- Organized: I'm tired of papers and mess. Who is highly organized and would like to share tips on how to keep it that way?

- What's Needed: As part of that, what is needed and not needed in the office to both look nice and serve clients?

- Lighting: Funny as it may sound, a well-lit room is critical for being able to work well, but also to set up for video podcasting, reduce eye strain, and have the room look good.

- Other: Have I overlooked anything that may help elevate this to a better experience for us and visitors?

As always, your advice is welcome, and pictures/video is absolutely helpful!!