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All those with a Bachelors Degree or higher please chime in and add what your degree is in. No drop-outs or Associates degrees please.This is data I am gathering for a specific project, where no names will be used.

DJ J Mac

I am working on finishing my BS in Organizational Leadership and Supervision with minors in Psychology and Sociology.
My wife has a BA in Professional Writing specializing in Technical Writing with a minor in Communications.
Both of us are seriously considering master's degrees as well.


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My husband and I own our business together, and are both DJs.

I have a BA in English, and he has a BA in Theatre


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Bachelor of Science PoliSci, (Maj. Pre Law, Min. PoliAnthro) & M.A. Theo w/Min. Lit (Conc. Medieval).

A.S. Comp Sci, MCSE, A+, CNE, Black Seal, var. leadership and speaking seminars...

But I am a sincere devotee of Mike Rowe's "profoundlydisconnected" ethos.

Look it up if there are kids in your life.
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