Hey, whatever happend with that PS2 review?

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Christian DJs Moderator
Seems I remember someone here was supposed to be doing a very detailed and unbiased review of the PS2. It's been a while, did I miss it?

DJ Unlimited

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ive actually been wondering this for a while as well, but what i gathered was that brandon was supposed to do the review, and jb over at american dj said he would rather send it to someone else for an unbiased review, and i thought that would be nicky or bob, but still no review so i dunno... (btw no offense meant to you brandon... just repeating what i heard before)

Bob Dietrich

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I suspect Nick is nearing completion of testing the PS-2...and we all know how thorough rocket scientests can be...it can take a great deal of time, but I feel his review should be coming very shortly.

On another note, I'm nearing completion of a comparison of the American Audio V4000plus vs Crown MA-2400 amplifiers...and I think this one will really raise quite a few eyebrows!! :lol:
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