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This weekend

I will be using my new laptop with Vista instead of Xp.

using virtual dj

and a external gigaport sound card and pcdj dac2 controller.

any advice on making them all work together and also

under the sound settings

which outputs to tell it in the setup for mixer and sound..


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I can't attest to your specific scenario, but I have a ritual I go through every time I use my laptop at an event.

First - I go through SERVICES and stop all that I don't need (such as my wireless, networking functions).

Second - I go into task manager and END PROCESS on those items which don't need to be running (such as Anti-virus, iPod, java update, task scheduler).

Finally, I plug in my Maya 44 USB, wait for it to be recognized, start PCDJ, and all runs well. In the past, when I didn't shut down unneeded processes, I would get skipping or stuttering.

The question I get all the time when I tell others about this: How do you know which things to shut down? Look at them, then Google them! For Example: ZCfgSvc.exe is running in Task Manager. When I looked it up, I found out it was for my Wireless card, which I don't need/use at an event, so I shut it down.

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