Helicopter dance

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Mark Beecher

I had a gig last night for a group who wanted country mixed with rap..that's a topic for another post I suppose, but one gal asked me to play that song you do the helicopter dance to?????

Any idea what she was talkin' about? :roll:


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"Raise Up" by Petey Pablo

(see if Teddyrock had gotten up off his azz he'd have been the first to answer this question---ROTF)

its a crappy song anyway, good thing you didn't play it b/c the dumb-azz thugs all start taking their shirts off---not a good thing at a school dance when the chaperones want the little rugrats to keep their clothes ON...

Jim Weisz

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There's a song called "Say Yi-Yi" by the Ying Yang Twins that I've seen people do that to also. It's a little faster than Raise Up, too.


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That would be correct. Just watch the beginning of the song. Sometimes the kids yell out Motha F*$Ker and you can get into trouble with the parents or staff.
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