Hardly any bookings for Christmas parties....


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I am really sad about the fact that since I have been in business, this is the slowest December I have ever, and I mean EVER had. I don't get it. I am advertising with a new company too. The biz is changing, and I don't know what to think anymore. :(Anyone else feeling it as well???

Mark Evans

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No bookings here for the last 3 years. Crazy how December used to be one of the busiest months.


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The economy is booming, so we can't blame that.

I think that the recession changed the culture of how people and companies spend money. What started out as cost cutting measures has in many cases become new policy. With an increased awareness & fear of bad employee behavior fueled by alcohol (i.e. DUIs, potential #MeToo situations), many companies have ditched the company holiday party in favor of a bonus, gifts or lunch.

I think the best example of the new culture on spending is how Millennial weddings have broke the old model by which DJs did very, very well. Millennials, if they get married, forego the 2 month salary guideline for the engagement ring. They go for something modest and bank the savings. Same with the reception. Gone or at least less common, are the huge, flashy receptions in favor of smaller, more intimate receptions while taking the saved money and putting it towards a down payment on a starter home over renting. I personally know Millennial couples who've asked their parents what the budget is and then asked if they can bank any money not spent from the budget.

This is the new normal. While I miss spinning, I don't miss the business. I'm glad I got out when I did. -Z-


Demand is a tricky task master.

Be on her good side lest ye spend Decembers staring at an empty calendar.


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Be in demand or else.
Once people see me, it isn't an issue. New perspective clients are harder to convince in a sea of dj's. I have had customers change dates to accommodate me :) and repeat customers for holiday parties for years.


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Slow December here too this past year .... I've really slowed down since moving from Maryland to Florida. They roll up the sidewalks
in these "senior 55+ communities" around 8:00PM. And when I am DJ'ing at a dance, I've noticed the hall nearly empties right after
the door prize drawings! The money is also down in these fixed income communities.