Happy New year to all of you and good luck in '06

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I decided for my 4000th post (in this version opf PRODJ) to send a message to everyone that is positive. I wish you all the best of luck in this year.

Remember that we all share this planet together, and we are all bound to each other as brothers in arms. While we have many disparate qualties, our similarities far outweigh our differences. Remember that as you post in 06, and lets continue to make PRODJ the BEST online home to be a part of. Every person here adds value. Remember that on the other side of the keyboard, there is a person that has the same hopes, drive and aspirations as you have. It isnt so important that a particular way to do something is adapted or ignored...it's the willingness to share tha tadvice which makes this a GREAT place to be.

Infinite diversity in infinite combination. What a RUSH!

Our combined synergies as a group far outweigh our summed individual talents...and any DJ here can become the most dangerous and capable DJ on the face of the planet..given enough time and help.

In closing, it is an honor to share the same space with you all, and I hope to see many of you at MBLV.

Rick Redding

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Thanks Bill - See you in Vegas. Maybe we can find a Karaoke place so I can actually HEAR you sing instead of hearing about your singing... :)


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Thanks Bill. Happy New Year to you and yours and the rest of our friends here at ProDJ as well.

Thanks also to Ryan for providing this little piece of paradise for us all to spend some time.


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Thanks Bill.

Ditto to what's been said & I too look forward to seeing you @ this little thing they call MBLV...

May everyone's business be all that it can be this year.



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Well said, sir! Hope everyone has a great time in Vegas and sing a song or two at the karaoke night!
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