Had a Flashback


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My family & I moved out of our house last weekend.
I haven't legitimately DJ'd since NYE 2013 into 2014.
Still, there was a TON of gear in my garage that I moved.

While I was moving it, on a hot day...of course, I had a flashback to the days when this was pretty much an every weekend occurrence.
And I don't miss it!

For those in the CT area, or those willing to drive to the Waterbury, CT area, stay tuned for notification of a fire sale.
I want my gear to go to a good home.
I'm not looking to make any real money on it, just a little something for my time.
It'll probably be a one price takes it all type of deal.

Gear addict that I am, I dusted off all the cases thoroughly before it went to my storage unit so even the cases look pristine.

If you're even remotely interested, hit me up with a PM.
Among the offerings are a BOSE L1 system with two B2 subs, all with the top of the line cases. The system functions flawlessly.

Best, -Z-


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Why did you move out of your house, if you don’t mind me askin’?
Don't mind at all. My wife & I purchased a much larger home.
We were living in a luxury townhome community. When we moved in 11 years ago we had a 6 week old.
Today we have 3 boys & a German Shepherd. It was time for larger diggs, lol. -Z-


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Congrats on the upgrade and enjoy the new digs! I've got my MD home on the market now and am enjoying life in FL.