HA, I am first!!!!!!!!

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Bryan Durio

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Actually, the speed of the old software was never an issue with me because of a few things: I've got DSL with fiber optics coming right up to the curb, I like the people here (well, MOST of the people here! :wink: ), and I like all the information to be gleaned here!

Having said that, though, I am very happy with the new speed and the new look.

Kudos to Ryan & Co.!


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Just for the record...

:!: I did join the pepper movement as start 02 came to an end. :)


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Great job guys!! The speed is excellent and a couple things I like right off the bat...the ability to put my own icon up and the ease of jumping between forums from within a thread.

Very nice........and THANK YOU!


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My name may be recognized by some, but I've always been a lurker on this board. I just wanted to offer kudos to all the great improvements.

I wish you guys the best of luck with this board.


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Hooray, I'm here and no more ugly RED background color.....

Much faster than before! Say goodbye to the title "Slo DJ" once and for all...

Best thing is I've got my proper name "DJMC" instead of "DJMCohen"

at the old Pro DJ board the name wasn't available (and I could never figure out why because there was never a "DJ MC" posting there!)


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Really cool and fast.

Great Job, Much faster , I love it........We all have to start over but I guess that's ok.
Bring a snack

I want to go on record stating that the old site's speed had a redeeming quality about it.

After clicking onto a post that you wanted to read, you could quickly pour a drink, grab a snack, hit the men's room. It sometimes worked as good as a commercial break on t.v.!

Now, I'm going to take care of everything before I sit down!

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This chat software kicks all form of ass. No doubt about it, ProDJ.com is now the fastest in addition to having the very best content!

Now we must spread the word! Email every DJ you know and tell them to sign up for a free account.

Dwight Porter

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On behalf of Ryan and Terry, I'd like to take this opportunity to say what I think Wayne Newton said best--

Danke Schoen

(Note the tribute to the old site by my use of the color red.) :wink:


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I'm glad the red is gone too. It looked too much like my card! Right Jam? :lol:
Really great job to everyone involved. This thing's really going to blow up now!
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