HA, I am first!!!!!!!!

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This is simply great,
Nice job on using this software!
Guess we will all have to wait for the new ads to appear, but this is terrific.
Nice Job Ryan and Crew

DJ Ron

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Good look, good speed. Best wishes for continued success. You've been such a great help to the DJ Industry. God bless.

All Event DJs

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Helluva job Ryan and all!

I really am looking forward to coming here often, the speed is exceptional now and not at all an issue anymore.

Geesh, we'll have this board back up and plump full in now time. I say that we all start to spew our knowledge and get this board so full of awsome information that the NKOTB can learn the best of the best from the right board on the web! :D


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:silly: Gee, actually I think I might miss the red.

The speed is definately WAY up!

Looking forward to another 1,342 posts... or more.


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Awesome guys! I feel like a kid in a candy store. I can't wait to go play with everything. Guess I'll have to get a mug shot now!


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This was well worth the wait. I can only see nothing but numbers just doubling or tripling on this site. Great job Ryan and the Gang!

DJRedfox :wink:
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