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I've got something that no one else here has (except for, possibly, Ken).

It's the F U L L version of a song, that was only ever heard, in edited form, in its appearance in what is widely considered THEE best TV show of all time.

I scoured the Internet looking for the full version and for many years, to no avail. It was, as a collector of music, my white whale. Now I have it.

The song was written & performed specifically for said TV (cable TV) show. The song was meant to be (and sound like) a 60's, Motown-ish song, but was written, produced & recorded in less than 48 hours in 1999, the year the episode was filmed.

It's a real toe-tapper of a tune and I wanted back when I was still DJing as it would've been fun to play and do a little trivia with it for the right crowds.

Any guesses so far? Here's a couple of hints:
1) It appeared in Season 1, Episode 10.
2) the fictitious record label on which the song was supposed to have been recorded & released was "F-Note Records".



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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

The name of the song is "Fools Follow Angels"
The singer's name really is Little Jimmy Willis, which of course even sounds like a name from the Motown era.
The song was written, arranged & produced by Pamela Phillips Oland & Thomas Harriman.
Check out her massive catalog of work, you definitely know and have played a lot of her tunes.

So the story goes, someone from the Sopranos production team called in a request to Pamela for an early Motown era sounding, up-tempo, pop song, and oh, by the way, they needed it in 3 days. This is what Pamela, Tom, Jimmy and Gary Herbig on Sax delivered back to the Sopranos production crew in less than 48 hours. I guess you can have certain things both fast and good.

The way I got a copy of the song? I tracked Pamela down by email and asked her if she knew where I could purchase a copy. She confirmed what I already knew, that it was never released and basically, is unavailable anyplace in the universe. Then, she showed me some wonderful kindness.

At this time might I remind everyone how great & discreet direct messages are for questions of a certain nature.

Here's a HQ clip of the song directly from the episode. Enjoy! -Z-

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You'll probably find that YOU are the only one who ever wants to hear it.
But that's okay, cause it makes YOU happy.
And I know, cause I have a lot of obscure, worthless songs that only "I" like...
and I listen to them every day on my way to work!