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Hey guys,

Please help me out with this. I have a client that is asking for Greek songs for her wedding. So I initially sent her these links;

They responded saying that these are not the type of Greek songs they're familiar with hearing at weddings they attend. I of course responded by telling them that asking for "Greek music" is very difficult because it's such a broad spectrum, very regional, and there are so many different styles that one client may love some another would hate. So I did some research on more "pop greek" songs and sent them this list;

Mesa Sou - Stavento
Mavra Mesanihta - Maria Iakovou
Ke Se THelo - Sakis Rouvas
Ektos Trohias - Christos Dantis
Ntiri Dahta - Anna Vissi
Ekti Esthisi - Christina Koletsa
Tha Pethano An De Se Do - Giorgos Giasemis
Ipnos Then Me Piani - Fani Drakopoulou
Xipna Thanasi - Thanos Petrelis
E Ne Lipon - Petros Imvrios

Although they said this was a little better, they responded by with;

"So after reading our numerous emails and after discussing it with Kevin we feel we want to try a different approach to specify what we are looking for. We understand the term “Greek Music” and “Greek Wedding” was not an ideal way to describe what we’re looking for since it can be interrupted in so many different ways. During the past few days we come up with a sample list of 2 dances that we would like to share with you.

Kalamatiano Dance (aka one of the circle dances, done with multiple people) – Ti Allo Thelis Pio Poly by Valantis
Zembekiko Dance (aka the drunken man dance, done usually with a single person, and others around on bended knee) – Paliokeros by Paschalia Terzis

What we would like is for you to listen to the songs and let us know if you have ever played these types of dances/songs at a wedding. It will also give you an idea on what we’re looking for. After listening to the songs, could you send me what you have in your library that would be based upon this sort of music? I’m hoping you have this type of music to help me in adding songs to our playlist. I appreciate the second set of songs you sent, and those could very well be put into the wedding.

If you could get back to me with any information, suggestions or ideas you have we would really appreciate it."

So guys, if you client wants to incorporate these two songs above (Kalamatiano & Zembekiko), what other songs would you incorporate in their playlist?

Thanks guys!


This does'nt really help but I have a Greek Wedding coming up. And I told them it would be best if they brought the CD's with the song titles marked for their enjoyment.

I also have to do something they called a "Bread Dance" pass around a huge loaf of bread and people put money into it or something kinda like the dollar dance.

but i have the CD's now if you want the title to the songs they like let me know!

DJ Jonny T

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They obviously need to provide you with specific songs instead of playing this back and forth game that is not getting to the source.


Yeah, I know this is something they should just provide me with if they are being so specific. But I don't think they even know what they want. They are expecting me to suggest a bunch of songs to them that they wouldn't have thought of but will LOVE!

As you know, it's sometimes hard to tell the client what you really want to tell them. So I'm trying to help out as much as possible.

DJ Ducky

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Here's a Little Help!

Typically, the first line dance of the evening at a Greek wedding anymore is this song (I'd see what other artists have sung it):

In this case, it starts out with the bride, groom, their immediate family and then more people join in. Just so you know, this song is an example of a kalamatiano, a very common Greek line dance. There is also kalamatiano syrto, which has a similar beat but is faster, like this song:

So you can get a feel for the type of music, here is an example of a zembekiko. I'm not sure I'd play this one at a wedding, but it is one that most people know:

Depending upon how far into pop and dance you go, here's another popular one that I had requested last year:

I think that you should ask what artists they like because Greek music is very diverse anymore. Some good and popular artists that I would have on hand are Glykeria and Trio Bel Canto for some of the more traditional stuff for the older folks (especially if they want Greek dinner music). I would also carry popular artists like Despina Vandi, Anna Vissi, Antique, Notis Sfakianakis, Lefteris Pantazis, Antonis Remos, Giorgios Mazonakis, and Christina Koletsa.

Your best bet is to see if they can't provide a lot of the music, especially if you are not familiar with the language and culture. For example, I DJed a wedding last year where the bride's family is Persian and the groom's is American. They provided the Persian music on a couple of CDs about a month in advance, so that I could listen to it and familiarize myself with it, which made it easier to work it all in with the other requests.

I hope this helps. :)
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